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Hot Tub Shelter Ideas – Covers, Shelters & Gazebos

Published: 29/11/2021

The increasing affordability of hot tubs and spas has got many people rethinking their gardens to incorporate hot tub shelter ideas for a bit of all-year-round luxury no matter the weather.

Once the preserve of the health spa and the leisure club, hot tubs are becoming commonplace in family homes and the challenge of constructing a garden hot tub shelter is driving innovative new solutions.

In this article we'll take a look at some of the most popular garden shelter hot tub ideas that are enabling even people in the chillier reaches of the UK to enjoy an indulgent dip in their very own outdoor pool.

The wooden hot tub shelter

Creating a sturdy, weatherproof shelter for a hot tub does not necessarily mean wiping out your savings.

Our Sumatran Shelter is a tried and tested garden hot tub shelter that comes supplied with heavy-duty green mineral roofing felt or premium quality roof shingles to ensure you stay protected from the elements.

Side openings allow you to enjoy the view while you sit in the tub, surrounded by a sturdy cabin constructed from high-grade 44mm interlocking planed and finished logs.

If you're one of the many who own an inflatable hot tub that can be packed away, the Sumatran Shelter is a wonderfully versatile space that is just as well suited to housing a barbecue or even your car.

The Sumatran Shelter

The log cabin hot tub shelter

Featuring two spaces equally capable of providing a home to a hot tub, the Lakra Log Cabin gives you the choice of taking a dip under its sheltered outdoor area or inside its main room.

If your hot tub is portable, you might choose to place it under the Lakra's shelter during the warmer months of the year, and then move it indoors during autumn and winter and enjoy the protection of the cabin's full length toughened glass windows and doors.

In either scenario, you will be left with a convenient area alongside your tub for storing towels, preparing drinks, and relaxing after you've enjoyed a good soak in your jacuzzi.

The Lakra Log Cabin

The hot tub summerhouse

Franco and Amanda D'Amico were planning to have their hot tub out in the open before they realised they could house it inside the Tiger Vista Corner Summerhouse.

Being situated in Scotland they realised that leaving their hot tub outside might limit their opportunities to use it, and they knew about the benefits of Tiger Sheds through Franco's work as a handyman.

They customised the summerhouse using wet wall panelling in a tile-effect pattern, making the walls waterproof and aesthetically pleasing.

Tiger Vista Corner Summerhouse

"Having it in a summerhouse means we can enjoy it day or night, and in all weathers," Amanda enthused.

“We’re so pleased with how it turned out – which is far better than how I imagined it. The garden doesn’t seem any smaller and it’s now the feature of our garden. We use the garden far more now and it’s great to know it’s right on our back doorstep.”

The hot tub gazebo

The word gazebo often conjures up images of flimsy canvas stretched around lightweight poles that a stiff breeze might carry off into the distance.

But gazebos can be beautiful, sturdy structures ideally suited to being used as a garden hot tub shelter, and there are some stunning products available.

Typically the main difference between a gazebo and other types of wooden hot tub shelter is that it they tend not to have a floor. Some have side panels, while some simply provide a roof atop four corner pillars.

The Garden Shelter 44mm Log Cabin

Keep your hot tub shelter ideas bubbling

Whether you have got your eye on a garden room in which to place a hot tub or you're thinking of a more open type of hot tub shelter, it is always a good idea to consult experience installers for a steer on what might work in your garden.

You can contact us to speak with a member of our team about the Tiger Sheds product ranges that lend themselves as ideal hot tub shelters, and before you know it you'll be relaxing in your own luxurious enclosure.

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