A Study in Sheds: The Creative Cabin

Published: 14/09/2015

For the 25 per cent of Brits too scared to venture into their sheds due to arachnophobia*, the launch of the world’s first spider-proof shed will be music to their ears.   After receiving several requests for a spider-proof building, especially now that September is here, we decided to build a one-of-a-kind product guaranteed to keep eight legged creatures out. Finally, everyone can feel confident when venturing into their garden buildings with our spider-proof shed! Spider-proof shed  

The Tiger Sheds spider-proof shed contains a whole host of anti-spider features, including:

  • All joints silicone sealed to ensure no gaps and cracks
  • Airtight windows with toughened glass and an airtight door with special draft seal to ensure there’s no way for creepy crawlies to sneak in   
  • Interior lined with spider repellent lining paper to stop spiders coming in through the cladding
  • Sky blue exterior cladding, a colour that’s proven to repel spiders
  • Heavy duty polyester backed felt roof to keep bugs and water out
  • A fun ‘No Spiders’ allowed sign to ensure everyone knows it’s a spider-free zone

We’ve also created a series of optional extras, for those who want to be extra sure that cobweb dwellers are kept out. They include:

  • Impregnated wood - option to have the wood the shed is constructed from impregnated with peppermint, citrus and insecticide (scents which are proven to repel eight-legged creatures)
  • A ‘Creepy Crawly’ den, which is a specially designed box that’s dark inside and comes complete with holes and cracks for spiders to crawl into that sits beside the shed and attracts spiders away from the outbuilding and into it instead
  • A pest test carried out every six months by a fully trained member of the Tiger Sheds team, who will carefully inspect your spider-proof shed to ensure there’s no sign of any creepy crawlies

Spider-proof Front of Shed

As a quarter of British people are too afraid to grab something from their shed due to a fear of spiders we think everyone is going to love this shed and soon even more people will be getting involved in a spot of gardening or maybe just enjoying the extra storage space in confidence. We spent a lot of time researching spider deterrents and liaised with numerous arachnid experts to come up with the product, which we’re confident will keep spiders out. We hope this new product helps arachnophobes across the country enjoy their garden sheds once more! The shed is on sale now and costs £1,999. To find out more about the shed visit and view our full Garden Sheds and Log Cabin range.  Fancy yourself a spider-proof shed? Tweet us why @TigerSheds #spiderproofshed    Featured in: BBC News, The Telegraph, Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, Sheffield Star, Sheffield Telegraph and Red Ferret 

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