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Find your Perfect Working Space

Published: 14/04/2023

Tiger Sheds The Amur Log Cabin interior with desk, sofa and flowers

Having an office space inside a private home predates the Victorians with aristocrats typically having a ‘version’ of an office.   Depending on wealth it could be anything from a writing desk bureau to a dedicated room which served exclusively as an office for dealing with correspondence and other important desk work. 

Fast forward to today and there’s no doubt that Brits continue to embrace and enhance their ‘new norm’ of working from home.  Long gone are the makeshift dining table, dressing table or sofa desks! Sheds, summerhouses, workshops and log cabins are all being utilised as home office spaces and are being transformed into comfortable, inspirational workspaces.

It really doesn’t matter what size garden you have or what kind of business you have; you can find a flexible garden building to suit your space and your needs.

Let’s look at some garden buildings and their potential uses.

Find your Perfect Garden Studio

Tiger Sheds Potting Shed with yellow chair and workbench, art studio

Tiger Potting Sheds | Garden Potting Shed | Tiger Sheds

A garden room with big windows that lets the natural light flood inside is perfect for a garden studio.   The Tiger Potting Shed comes with a high workbench so makes an ideal desktop for creating your design pieces.   There’s also plenty of wall space for adding shelves and hooks so that you can display your work and really brighten up the space.

Tiger Sheds Optima Log Cabin inside with desk, table, lamp, sofa and shelves

Optima Log Cabin | 44mm Garden Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

If you need more space, then a log cabin would make a perfect multifunctional space to work.   Create different zones by adding a desk, storage and sofa area where you can hold meetings or take a well-earned coffee break away from your desk.

Find your Perfect Workshop

It’s easy to plan and create a fantastic home workshop these days.  Depending on the use, you will want to consider these features.

  • Access - do you need large, double doors that are big enough to move large pieces?
  • Lighting – are you going to need good light (natural and electric) for working on fine details and making sure you are safe when using any machinery?
  • Electrics – will you need to use any machinery and need extra lighting for all year-round use?
  • Ventilation – will you need opening windows to clear the air from fumes or sawdust?
  • Roof height – will you need extra storage and height so you can work comfortably?
  • Security – this is a must-have!

Tiger Sheds Mini Dutch Barn with Gambrel Roof, painted in grey in garden with grass and plants

Tiger Sheds Mini Dutch Barn Shed with windows and felt roof in garden with potted plants, grass and bushes

Garden Barns | Mini Dutch Barn Shed | Tiger Sheds

A barn style shed with gambrel roof offers extra height in the roof space so its great for extra high storage.

Tiger Sheds Heavyweight Workshop painted in green and white in garden with trees and garden deck and plants

The Tiger Heavyweight Workshop is a strong and sturdy garden building and is the ultimate in versatility.   With an extra high roof ridge, it gives a great feeling of space and makes it much easier and more comfortable to carry out your daily work.

Tiger Shed Workshop in garden with double doors, windows, grass, fence and greenery

Find your Perfect Garden Office

With home working here to stay, people are aware that they must make their homes and gardens work harder for them now and are opting to free up space in the home by creating a dedicated garden office.  Transforming a garden building into a home office space has many benefits including health and wellbeing, financial, time management and increased productivity.   Read our article ‘Ditch the Commute | How You Could Gain an Extra 260 Hours a Year!

Tiger Sheds Caspian Log Cabin in pebbled garden with palm tree, potted plants, garden arch and table and chairs

Caspian Log Cabin | 28mm Garden Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

The Tiger Retreat Contemporary Summerhouse has been transformed into a welcoming, modern home office and has even been cleverly customised with a skylight window above the desk area for extra light and ventilation.

Tiger Sheds Tiger Retreat Contemporary Summerhouse painted in grey exterior and interior home office with desk and chair, sofa and skylight

Find your Perfect Home Gym

If you’re a personal trainer or you simply want a home gym then you can easily transform a shed or log cabin into a great space for training and workouts.   Be mindful of what fitness equipment you have when planning your space and consider the roof height that you’ll need.

Ventilation in a home gym is also a good idea to keep you cool and the room fresh. A strong tongue and groove floor is also recommended for strength and durability.  Avoid cheaper sheds with OSB boards as they are weaker and absorb moisture.

 Tiger Sheds Javan Log Cabin home gym with gym equipment, open double doors to garden with two windows

Javan Log Cabin | Workshop Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

Tiger Sheds Rayner Log Cabin interior converted to home gym with gym equipment, shelves, mirrors and plants

Rayner Log Cabin | Workshop Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

The gym flooring also shouldn’t be overlooked.  It’s an important aspect that will protect your floor, and add cushioning and comfort so make sure it’s strong and durable.  Warm Floor Tiles are a popular choice for shock absorption and compression recovery characteristics when using heavy gym equipment and weights.

Tiger Sheds Warm Floor Tiles in black for sheds or log cabins

Find your Perfect Playroom

A log cabin is a wonderful, nurturing environment to create a playroom.  The natural wood has a lovely aroma, feel and visual appeal offering a calming effect and is a perfect setting for arts and crafts, learning and play.

Tiger Sheds Martel log cabin interior designed as garden playroom with toys and children's furniture

Tiger Sheds Martel Log Cabin playroom interior, garden room nursery with chidlren's today and furniture

Martel Log Cabin | 44mm Garden Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

And with lots of natural light and direct access to the garden, it’s a place where children will thrive.

Tiger Sheds children's garden playroom interior with chairs and toy storage

Find your Perfect Home Salon

Setting up your very own salon for beauty treatments, hair, nails, massage or even a physio studio couldn’t be easier these days.  Many business owners have taken the decision to set up from home to save costs or move their business from their home into the back garden so they can separate work from home life to create a better balance.

Tiger Sheds Blake Log Cabin inside converted to home beauty salon

The Blake Log Cabin | 44mm Pent Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

Tiger Sheds log cabin interior home garden beauty salon


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Planning your Perfect Space

Add your own personality and style to your garden space with one of our handcrafted garden buildings. Add extra windows in one of our heritage designs, or if you need a low-roof version with a reduced height under 2.5m, to something completely original… it’s fine with us.  Door and windows can be placed where you need them to be to make the most of your garden space and get the best of the natural light.

Contact Us - High Quality Sheds and Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

Or call our expert Bespoke Sales Team on - 0113 537 8327

There are so many ways in which you can enhance your homelife to create a better work-life balance.  All Tiger garden buildings are strong and built to last. Including quality fully boarded tongue and groove roofs and floors, along with security fittings and pre-hung doors and windows to keep your belongings safe and sound.

At Tiger, our complete working space collection is packed with products to make your working life at home that little bit easier, with high-quality, well-designed garden buildings and products with a market-leading 20 year guarantee.

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