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How You Could Gain an Extra 260 Hours a Year!

Published: 27/03/2023

Tiger Zora log cabin, home office, wooden home office, desk, chair, lamp and plants

The RMT union has announced further strikes at the end of the month which will impact commuters across the country. As a result, we thought we’d share the benefits of investing in a garden building as a home office space. 

Millions of people in the UK commute to work each day, the majority of which rely on cars and public transport.  For many, this daily commute is fraught with anxiety, stress and frustration.

The average person spends 5-6 hours a week commuting to and from work, an extra 260 hours a year, and with ongoing industrial action this could be set to increase.  It may not even be possible to travel at all, so you’ll need an equipped and dedicated workspace, other than the kitchen table. We know the importance of having a dedicated space to work, and the benefits of having an office space in your garden means it’s worth investing in.  A garden office means you can work smart and have more control in different areas of your life.

A report from the RSPH, Health in a Hurry, draws special attention to the impact of traveling to and from work by rail, bus and car, and highlights the consequences of this on the public’s health and wellbeing. Longer commute times are being associated with increased stress, higher blood pressure and BMI, and reduced time available for health-promoting activities such as cooking, exercising and sleeping.

As well as the health benefits from working from home, you should also consider the cost benefits too, especially with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.  Not only are we having to deal with rising energy, fuel and mortgage payments, the UK Government is set to implement a 3.8 percent rise in train ticket prices, bringing the average cost of a season ticket to a staggering £3,263!

 Tiger Optima Log Cabin, home office, desk, chairs, garden, garden deck

Optima Log Cabin | 44mm Garden Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

As well as health and wellbeing benefits, investing in a high quality garden room may also add value to you property. Read our blog to find out more Does a Garden Building Add Value to my Property? - The Hip Horticulturist | Tiger Sheds

Read our Tiger Tips on why now could be your time to invest in your very own versatile garden room:

Tiger Tip 1 – Work Smart

With 260 hours a year spent commuting, and even more spent by rail, having a garden room that can act as a home office helps you to gain back those precious minutes spent travelling to and from work.  Cutting your commuting time means extra time a day doing something you enjoy, takes the stress out of your day, and allows for a much healthier work-life balance.

Tiger heavyweight workshop shed, painted green and white, garden, trees, bushes, potted plants, garden deck

Heavyweight Workshop Sheds | Garden Workshop Shed | Tiger Sheds

Tiger Tip 2 - Extra Room

It can be difficult to find space in the home to work from, and a desk set up can take up that much needed room within a bedroom or living space. Garden rooms that act as offices mean that you can create extra space within the home and helps declutter. With the cost of moving soaring, we are all looking to create that extra bit of space within the home where we can. 

Tiger barn retreat summerhouse, wooden summerhouse, full pane glass windows and doors, garden deck, grass, flowers

Tiger Barn Retreat Summerhouse | Wooden Summer House | Tiger Sheds | Tiger Sheds

Tiger Tip 3 – Establish Clear Boundaries

Working from home and in the office can be difficult to balance with many distractions. Having a dedicated garden building as an office space allows you to get into the working mindset away from day-to-day life and office chatter. 

lady stressed, time, clocks

Setting boundaries also means setting and communicating fixed work hours. This is crucial when you’re working remotely from home as it’s so easy to be in constant work mode if you’re not careful!

Tiger Tip 4 - Stress Less

Keeping work and your personal time separate will make your feel less stressed overall and will allow you to cope with any day-to-day stresses in a more balanced and healthy way.

Tiger Tip 5 - Increased productivity and creativity

Being less stressed and rushed will ultimately leave your feeling a lot calmer and more refreshed which in turn makes you more productive at work.  A home office can really help you to create space for mindfulness for new ideas and creative thinking,

Tiger potting shed, greenhouse, workshop, garden studio, garden art studio, workbench, yellow chair, plants, artwork

Tiger Potting Sheds | Garden Potting Shed | Tiger Sheds

Tiger has a great range of spacious home office, workshop and studio garden rooms for all kinds of professions.  Many are suitable for linking up to a power source which means useful Wi-Fi, heaters, lights, TV’s, and a kitchen area if you fancy.  Manufactured in Yorkshire using top grade substantially sourced timber, fully boarded floors, and roofs, ensure that you’ll be kept warm and dry whatever the job, whatever the season.

Finally, for any managers and employers reading this, note that balanced workers are happier workers. Research by Oxford University also found that happy workers are more productive.

Find or design your perfect home office space with Tiger. We are an award-winning garden building expert that you can trust because of our innovative designs, high quality sustainable products which are made in Yorkshire, our marketing leading 20 year guarantee and great service.


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