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Caring for your shed in summer

Published: 21/07/2016

British summer is a bit of mixed bag. Some days we experience blazing sunshine whilst other days we experience heavy downpours. Or even a bit of both! This rapid change in weather can be damaging for your garden and your shed. Below are some helpful tips and advice on caring for your shed during summer time but these tips can also be adapted for all year round care. If you have any more questions on looking after your shed then tweet us @TigerSheds or leave a comment below.

Make sure your garden shed has been treated with preserver. 

shiplap apex caring for your shed during summer

It's vital that you treat your shed at least once a year with preserver. This will protect your shed against weather damage and the elements, if you don't treat your shed then you will shorten your shed's lifespan dramatically. Here at Tiger Sheds we offer Tigercare Preserver which delivers maximum protection for your shed and comes in a selection of colours!

If we experience a sudden heavy downpour then check your shed for damages. 


British Summer is infamous for sudden heavy downpours, which are not only bad for you if you're outside with no umbrella, but can also be bad for your shed. However, if you simply make sure to check over your shed on a regular basis, make sure nothing has been damaged or your shed isn't experiencing any leaks, then you shouldn't experience any issues. If you have noticed a leak then the first thing you need to do is to try and find where the leak is coming from, is there a rip in your felt, a crack or hole somewhere or is it coming from your windows? Once you've established where the leak is coming from you can then rectify this issue - patch up ripped felt and use wood filler for cracks or holes!

Use the sunny weather to clear out your shed and garden. 


There's nothing better than enjoying the beautiful sunshine out in your lovely garden, relaxing and taking in your surroundings. You can even make your surroundings more appealing by taking some time to clear out the garden and finally give the garden shed a bit of attention. This doesn't have to cost anything, simply tidying and cleaning can make a huge difference and costs just your time.

Make sure nothing has come in contact with the shed. 


During heavy summer thunderstorms trees and branches can snap and fall on or near your shed. This can seriously damage your shed even if the branches are just touching the shed - it can rip the felt or damage the wood! So make sure that absolutely nothing has suddenly come into contact with your outdoor building.

Top up any paint work on your shed and fence. 


Painting can be much easier to do when it's warmer as of course, it drys quicker! Plus, it's much more enjoyable on a nice summers day! Why not make use of a sunny day and top up the paintwork on your garden shed, fencing and garden furniture? You could even get really creative and add in some quirky stencils and designs.

Give your shed a new lease of life.


Summer is generally the time of year to throw BBQs, outdoor parties and family gatherings. If you're inviting friends and family around then impress your guests by giving your garden a whole new look! Recently, we've created some really interesting blog posts to help you feel inspired and motivated to transform your gardens and sheds! Check them out below...

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