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Tiger Workman Apex

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Tiger Workman Apex

One Stop Workshop

Offering a fresh alternative to our classic heavyweight workshop, the Tiger Workman Apex combines the same spacious storage and versatility. Moving the double doors to the long side of the building ensures the Workman is not only practical but aesthetically pleasing too.

  • Large Full Height Double Doors
  • Superior Grade 12mm Finish Shiplap Cladding
  • 28x44mm Finish Rounded Four Corner Framing
  • Massive Interior Storage Space With Extra Height
  • Alternative design to XL Heavyweight Workshop





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12'x6' (3550x1750) £864.99
12'x8' (3550x2350) £944.99
16'x8' (4750x2350) £1154.99
10'x10' (2950x2950) £879.99 Discounted
12'x10' (3550x2950) £1069.99 Discounted
14'x10' (4150x2950) £1219.99 Discounted
16'x10' (4750x2950) £1344.99
18'x10' (5350x2950) £1399.99
20'x10' (5950x2950) £1444.99

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Pro-Installation (Band S3) - Building ONLY...

Pro-Installation (Band S3) - Building ONLY (No Extras)

Pro-Installation (Band S3) - Building ONLY (No Extras)

If DIY is not your strong point then fear not because our professional home installation service will do it all for you! The pro-install team will contact you soon after the delivery of your garden building to arrange a suitable time and date for the fitting.

A Firm and Level base must be in place and accessible before installation can take place - failure to provide this may incur additional costs. Pro-Installation does not include the fitting of any extra items such as locks or handles, and windows will be tacked into place only. Please view our Installation Page for full Terms and Conditions, which can be found here.

As standard cabin installation does not cover the installation of roof shingles. If you purchase a cabin with shingles and would like the shingles to be installed in addition to the building itself you must also add on the 'shingle installation' option at additional cost.


Window Glazing Kit - Seals 2x Windows

Window Glazing Kit - Seals 2x Windows

Window Glazing Kit - Seals 2x Windows

The standard fixing kit you will receive with your building includes panel pins to secure your choice of glazing material into position. However, you do need to then seal the windows in order to make them weather-proof. We advise that you use a suitable sealant such as silicone, mastic, putty, etc. You may also wish to use beading to reinforce the panes. You can use your own products to seal the windows or you could take away the burden of having to source beading and sealant elsewhere by purchasing our Window Glazing Kit. The kit comprises of sufficient window beading for the building ordered, Professional Exterior Silicone, and a Power Pro application gun. Not only is the beading manufactured using the same high-quality timber as the Shed, but the Silicone is a premium quality high modulus acetoxy cure silicone sealant, which is designed to prevent mould and fungal growth. The Window Glazing Kit is an economic and convenient solution to sourcing essential beading and sealant.


8ft Wall Mount Shelving Kit

8ft Wall Mount Shelving Kit

8ft Wall Mount Shelving Kit

Add wall-mounted shelving to your garden shed to maximise your storage space. Available in a range of sizes, this 300mm deep slatted shelving is ideal for storing your garden tools. Practical and easy to assemble with comprehensive instructions. Please note you may have to cut down the shelving to fit depending on where you want to put it.


Toughened Glass for 2x Windows

Toughened Glass for 2x Windows

Toughened Glass for 2x Windows

Upgrade your shed's professional joiner made windows to toughened glass to ensure safety and peace of mind.




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A new twist on an old favourite, the Tiger Workman Apex, provides all the classic features of the XL Heavyweight Workshop, with a new design. Built in a range of sizes, the Workman provides practical and ample storage for any outdoor space. Built to the same measurements as the heavyweight workshop, the Workman boasts fantastic eaves height, making it an ideal space for storage or as a workshop. The double doors have been repositioned on the long side of the building, allowing the Workman to be pushed up against a wall or fence, ensuring easy access. With windows positioned either side of the door, the Workman’s' design is aesthetically pleasing, but it is safe to say its beauty is matched by its brawn. Finished with 12mm shiplap cladding and supported by ultra strong rounded four corner framework, all crafted from the highest quality European softwoods, this building is truly built to last.


Unlike many budget competitor products this garden shed is built with only the highest quality materials and many garden buildings in the market simply cannot compare!

  • THIS GARDEN WORKSHOP SHED is clad with high grade 12mm finish shiplap tongue and groove cladding – beware of sheds that feature poorly finished rough edged boards milled out of inferior timber often with a thinner finish.
  • THIS GARDEN WORKSHOP SHED features heavyweight ‘rounded 4 corner’ 28x44mm finish framework throughout giving it the strength to last – beware of sheds that use rough sawn ‘matchstick thin’ framework that barely hold the shed together.
  • THIS GARDEN WORKSHOP SHED features thick tongue and grooved floorboard in the floor and roof sections and contains NO cheap sheet materials such as OSB or chipboard – beware of sheds that use single piece OSB / chipboard roofs that offer little protection in the areas where you need it most.
  • THIS GARDEN WORKSHOP SHED retains our extra high ridge height – beware of sheds that are incredibly low making it difficult to stand up inside.

It is essential that this garden shed is assembled strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied on a firm and level base constructed from a suitably durable material. The garden shed should also be treated shortly after assembly and then annually thereafter with an appropriate high quality preservative and all glazing units must be sealed, inside and out, with silicone or other water tight sealant.
For more information on how to correctly assemble and maintain your garden shed please consult our comprehensive help centre.

Please note - 10x8 and 12x8 floors may come in two sections with the floor joists running the 8ft direction. For clarification please speak to one of our telephone advisors.

All images and photography used is purely for illustrative purposes only – actual product colours may vary slightly due to the digital photography process and variations in individual user monitor settings.

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Customer Reviews

Showing 10 most recent reviews out of 79 view all reviews add your own review Average Customer Rating 4.9/5 starstarstarstarstar
Name & Star Rating Review/Comments Date
Great shed, Tiger sheds were great to deal with their installation team did a great job too, would highly recommend them. 04/05/2019
Penny wicks
Hi very pleased with the shed. It was erected at a pre school for storing toys and boxes. The manager of the pre school was over the moon and would recommend this type of bespoke shed to everyone 01/05/2019
I upgraded to loglap and heavyweight framing. Very heavy but driver was very helpful. Well made and easy to put together. Second shed from tiger and first one still going strong. 27/04/2019
Eric Jokonya
Excellent product. 08/04/2019
David Tye
I purchased the 16x10 apex lap log workshop with double doors and 4 windows. It was delivered on time and communication with s from the company was very good. It is a well constructed shed which fitted together easily. I constructed it on my own which took a good part of a day, waterproofing all joints copiously with sealant and painting the roof prior to felting with bostik flexible waterproofer. You can opt to have a couple of chaps from the company put it up for you,..apparently about 3 hrs work but for £400!!! No way!! The Instructions seem generic as opposed to specific for the product but in all honesty I didnít really use them. I only have two small gripes...those being that the jointing edges for the 4 roof sections and the two floor sections are tongue and groove and very flimsy, easily breakable and the windows are tacked in with a couple of nails which I find rather ďcheapĒ considering itís a smashing shed! (I purchased some wood edging to secure them in along with clear sealant to prevent water ingress) so Iím hoping that the shed is watertight! As itís still to rain here! I would recommend purchasing a tigershed! 07/11/2018
Martyn Mathews
Excellent Service Quality Job 31/10/2018
Great product Fast delivery Easy build but does need larger size specific instructions 13/09/2018
John Davidson
On the whole, I'm very pleased with my new Tiger shed. The ordering process was easy and I liked the email s confirming the manufacturing was complete and finalising the delivery date. The delivery was on time and the driver helped to carry the pieces off the truck. The assembly was straight-forward although the instructions could have been clearer. I understand you have a wide variety of sizes and styles available. I think that trying to accommodate all these styles into a single set of instructions is confusing. Can I suggest that you spend a bit more time on creating individual sets of instructions for each type of shed? That way it will be a lot clearer for people with limited knowledge. I would use Ikea instructions as a good style to copy. They may be longer but they are a lot clearer. Another example is there was no mention in the instructions of what to do with a piece of wood and some screws that came with the shed. I worked out that it was to put down the edge of the closing door. The instructions were explicit in not nailing down the roofing felt along the edge underneath the roof. However, I plan to fit guttering along the edges - so I assume it is OK to nail the felt down? More details of this in the instructions would be helpful. Apart from that, the shed looks to be of good quality. There were some nails protruding in a couple of places where they hadn't gone into the joists. I'd suggest you do a final quality check after manufacturing to make sure everything is good before dispatching to customers. Let me know if you want further feedback on the instructions - happy to help. Otherwise - thanks for a great shed! 31/08/2018
Russell Black
Well made shed -worth getting someone used to shed erection as the size alone makes it a challenge for 2 amateurs.looks great . 02/07/2018
Michael William Furnell
Absolutely great, came within the time perameter and am very pleased. Love the colour of the pretreatment. 30/05/2018