From Forest To Your Garden

When you choose a Tiger for your new garden building, you’re in safe hands. We have been making sheds and log cabins by hand in our Yorkshire workshop for decades, and we take great pride in the pleasure they give to our customers (over 200,000 now!).

We use all of our experience to make them as great value – from our TigerSkin® preserver treatment, to our TigerFelt® roof covering, and our most important material: the wood at the very heart of your building. This is why we can confidently guarantee our wooden sheds and log cabins for 20 years.

Our buildings are made of FSC®-certified and other controlled material. By choosing these products, you are supporting responsible management of the world’s forests. This means your Tiger building not only enhances your garden, it helps to preserves the natural environment too. Better for your shed, better for you, better for the planet.

FSC Certified

This is why we carry their logo on our website – it is a mark that ensures quality timber, selected and sourced responsibly. If you would like to know more about the Forest Stewardship Council® and their work, please click here.

And even then, each consignment is quality-checked: the wood that goes into a Tiger building must be high grade to meet our standards. If it is not up to scratch, it goes no further.


Why Slow Grown?

Well the wood grows in a truer line which is less likely to warp. Fast grown white wood is cheaper but a lower – we prefer a high grade timber for a better quality finish.

Why Cut Thicker?

We cut to an average cladding width which is thicker than competitors because it makes it stronger and more durable. Some choose to skimp and literally shave off more to make more profits. We take the view that more value means more satisfied customers and more repeat orderers – and we certainly have a lot of those!

Why Add Extra Finishes?

From the profile of our shed cladding, and the rounded edging of our framing, to the chamfered finish to our cabin logs, it so often is the extra attention to detail, that ensures the quality Tiger finish. It is important to make each component fit flush and snug, for strength, rigidity and to keep water off and out.

Wood You Believe It?

Our company heritage stretches over 100 years back to 1913 and our first timber mill in Yorkshire (we still work on that site), so we know our timber. You could say it is ingrained in our culture!

We bring the pick of the forest to your garden. This is why every order for a Tiger building is in good hands, because we only use the best value quality materials, and we take great care to ensure all outdoor spaces can be enjoyed as naturally as possible.

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