Where should I locate my garden building?

When planning the placement of your garden shed, it's ideal to have a clear space of at least 18 inches (approximately 45 centimeters) on all sides if possible. This generous clearance ensures easy access for both the initial installation and any future maintenance requirements. However, practicality often dictates that such ample space isn't always achievable or necessary. In such cases, you may be able to reduce the clearance to less than 18 inches on one or two sides of the shed, depending on your specific circumstances. Keep in mind that if your shed has a roof overhang, you should account for this when determining the necessary clearance. Additionally, it's important to address any nearby shrubs and trees that might obstruct the shed's access or future growth. Pruning or removing vegetation that could interfere with the shed is a good practice to ensure the long-term functionality and convenience of your garden building.

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