How do I add a hasp and staple to my shed door?

Unlike many sheds in the market, a Tiger shed will already come with a door lock and key as standard (and a free door pull). For added security, you can add a hasp and staple to your door, and they are easy to fit using both screws and holding bolts. 

First place the staple on your shed at the desired level next to the door: position so the holding bolt(s) for the hasp will fit into the door's framing. Screw in place but leave some slots open for the later Insertion of holding bolts. The align the hasp with the staple to position it on the door, and mark its location on the door. Open hasp to reveal the fixing holes and screw hasp in place using at least 2x screws. Then fix the holding bolts: drill through the open slots on the hasp and staple into shed and door frame; tap each bolt through and add a washer and nut for each bolt;  then tighten until secure. Then add your chosen padlock. 

For a quick video guide, visit or click here to see how it is done.

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