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At the point of order you can request certain delivery dates but we wouldn't be able to confirm until later in the process. We do ask that if you have any deadlines for the building to be received, we are informed as early as possible in the process. If there is any issue with meeting a specific date for delivery we would contact you to let you know.

Unfortunately not. We would contact you a week in advance of the delivery taking place and would give you an estimated arrival time. The timings are dictated by a number of factors such as direction of the delivery run, timings between drops, and heavier buildings loaded toward the end of the run for safety.

You can track your order using the online 'track your order' facility. Simply enter your full delivery postcode and unique order reference number to view which stage of the process your order is at.

Yes. This is not a problem at all. If you are ordering over the phone, you will be asked whether the delivery address is the same as your billing address. If ordering online, you are given the option to detail a different delivery and billing address.


Unfortunately not. Our delivery drivers are not insured to enter your property at all and so wouldn't be able to assist with this. If you require any information regarding the size of panels, please contact a member of our team.

Provided that there is somewhere on your property our driver can leave the parts, you do not have to be present for the delivery. We will call you in advance of the delivery taking place to book it in so delivery in your absence will be agreed if necessary. If you would like, we can contact a neighbour, friend, or family member to meet the driver to receive the delivery on your behalf.

Deliveries take place on weekdays only for conventional garden buildings (on a Pick A Week delivery service), so if there are any issues with delivery taking place on any day, please let us know.

However, for buildings on a Pick A Day delivery service, there is a Saturday option. You can choose to take delivery before 2pm: please note that there is an extra charge for this weekend shipping, which will show in the order checkout. It is usually about £50-£60 depending on your location.

Products with the Pick A Day service have green delivery messaging both on the category page and on their product page on, and also in the Tiger brochure.

We can offer a Next Day service on a selected few sizes of standard TigerFlex building. If you search for Next Day to see them - they are highlighted in blue with a Next Day Delivery message. If your need is not as immediate, you can still enjoy quick Pick A Day delivery across the UK, usually in around 7 days. Please see the TigerFlex and  Faster Delivery Sheds selections. As all the conventional Tiger wooden buildings are made to order, we cannot offer next-day delivery on those items. 

The delivery and Installation are carried out by different teams and generally take place on different days.


Deliveries are carried out on vehicles up to the size of an 18 tonne Hiab in their flat-pack form. Generally, provided that you have sufficient access for a Refuse Lorry to gain easy access to your address, there will be enough space for our delivery vehicles. For further details, please see our Delivery Page.


We provided estimated lead times for delivery based on the current averages. To confirm your actual delivery date, you will be contacted at least three working days in advance of the delivery to confirm the details with you.


There is just one driver with each delivery vehicle.

You can delay the delivery but due to the way our deliveries are scheduled to clear full postcode areas at a time, it may be a number of weeks before we are able to deliver to you again.


Orders over £100 have free delivery to the majority of the UK. We do have some areas that are excluded from delivery and some that simply incur a delivery charge as detailed below:

Not really. You don't even have to be present for the delivery to take place. We will book in the delivery with you in advance and discuss the delivery options with you so by the time the delivery takes place, you will be expecting our driver's arrival. Deliveries are kerbside so provided there is a space close to the kerbside for the driver to offload onto, this is all we will need.

The lead time will vary throughout the year as demand for garden buildings does tend to be seasonal. We provide an estimate for delivery based on the current average in working days (Monday to Friday) when you place your order online. If ordering over the phone, our team will be able to give you this information.

The wooden sheds will be delivered either on a 3.5 tonne transit van, or a 7.5 tonne flatbed truck. Log Cabins are delivered on an 18 Tonne Hiab. If you feel this may cause an access problem at the time of delivery it is important that you let us know at the point of order.

We deliver to the majority of the UK. However, there are certain chargeable areas and some areas the unfortunately, we cannot deliver to as detailed below:

If you are outside our delivery area but you still wish to order one of our buildings, we can arrange to meet you within the delivery area, deliver to a courier company in the delivery area, or you can arrange for the building to be collected from us. For further details on sizes or weights for delivery, please feel free to contact us.

Please consult our delivery page for a full in depth outline of all the delivery areas we cater for.

You will be contacted at least three working days in advance of the delivery to confirm when we aim to arrive with you. You will be given a confirmed date and estimated arrival time. Unless the date has been pre-agreed or there is an agreement to deliver in your absence, we will need to confirm the booking with you in order for the delivery to go ahead.

We offer a kerbside delivery service as we can't always guarantee that access will allow for parts to be moved further. Any request for parts to be left beyond the kerbside will be passed on to the delivery driver but access will need to be assessed on arrival. Once a health and safety assessment has been made, fulfillment of requests will be at the driver's discretion.

Wooden Sheds, Summerhouses, & Playhouses

For Sheds, Summerhouses, and Playhouses, delivery is carried out using either a 3.5T or 7.5T flatbed. The 3.5T is a transit-sized vehicle, whereas the 7.5T is closer to the size of a bin lorry.

We will deliver buildings in panels up to 10ft in length. Any panels above 10ft will be manufactured in more than one section.

We offer a kerbside delivery as standard as we cannot guarantee that it would be safe for the driver to carry the parts beyond this point. Any requests to deliver beyond kerbside will be relayed to the driver and assessed on arrival but ultimately, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure movement of goods to their required location.

Unfortunately the driver won't be able to assist with moving any parts through your house as our delivery drivers are not insured to enter your property at all. If you require any information regarding the size of panels, please contact a member of our team.

Log Cabins

The Log Cabins are delivered in large plastic-wrapped packs. The longest length of pack is around 20ft and they are generally 3-4ft wide and 3-4ft tall. Certain larger Cabins may be delivered in more than one pack. If you are concerned about access at all, please feel free to contact a member of our staff for further details.

28mm and 44mm Log Cabins are delivered on an 18 Tonne Hiab in order for them to be craned off the vehicle at the point of delivery. 19mm Log Cabins tend to be delivered on either a 3.5 or 7.5 Tonne flatbed.

The Cabins are craned off the back of the delivery vehicle in a plastic-wrapped pack so the driver won't be able to assist with moving parts through to your garden from the point of delivery.

The crane has a reach of approximately 7m but the distance each pack can be carried would depend on the weight of the Cabin. The delivery driver would need to assess movement of the parts on arrival as this would depend on the weight of the Cabin pack but also any access restrictions on site such as overhead powerlines, tree branches, fences, etc.

The Log Cabins are wrapped in a plastic sheeting to protect them during transit. The Timber will need to remain covered until you have the opportunity to assemble and treat.

A Hiab is a type of lifting/loading crane. Our Log Cabins are delivered on an 18 Tonne vehicle with a built-in crane to offload the building. Hiab is actually an abbreviation of Hydrauliska Industri AB, a Swedish manufacture of this type of crane.

TigerFlex Modular Buildings

All TigerFlex deliveries are palletised for protection and quick delivery nationwide, and delivered by a reputable courier network.

We offer a quicker delivery service across the TIgerFlex range of sheds, summerhouses and log cabins - which are usually available in less than 2 weeks (timescales may change in times of peak season demand). You can also pick your preferred delivery using the Pick A Day delivery service.

Thanks to our Pick A Day service, you can request a delivery date at the time of placing your order (using the calendar in the checkoutout) and confirm any particular details in the delivery notes when you enter your information. This service is available online and when you place an order over the phone with a member of our sales staff.

As these deliveries are palletised, they should be offloaded in a secured pack which the network driver wouldn't be able to assist you with.

TIgerFlex components are a lot more portable and easier to handle that large conventional shed panels, and they are designed to fit through any standard doorway. Provided that you don't have any sharp turns etc to accommodate, you shouldn't have any issues taking the parts through your house. However, for insurance reasons the delivery driver would not be able to assist you with moving the parts through your property.

Yes, you can select your preferred delivery day for your TigerFlex building when you order. Just pick a date from the calendar in the online checkout (or discuss with your sales team advisor if you order by phone), and this will be shown in your Order Confirmation receipt email.

For TigerFlex buildings, you can also book a delivery for a Saturday (deliveries are available up to 2pm). 

TigerFlex sheds, summerhouses and log cabins can be delivered on a Saturday up to 2pm (depending on postcode). Other products marked as Pick A Day shipping can also be delivered on a similar service. Conventional garden buildings on a Pick A Week service are only available for delivery Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Yes. TigerFlex sheds, summerhouses and log cabins can be delivered on a weekday up to 9pm if requested (depending on postcode). This is also possible for products on a Pick A Day delivery. Conventional garden buildings on a Pick A Week service are only available for delivery Monday-Friday up to 5pm.

Absolutely! The innovative modular design does NOT compromise on quality. TigerFlex buildings are made with exactly the same high grade timber, using the same high quality materials, with exactly the same roofing felt, ironmongery and treatment as all other Tiger buildings - and in the same Yorkshire workshops too!

Greenhouses, Metal & Plastic Sheds

Elite Greenhouses are flat-packed and delivered using 15 Tonne Lorries, which are similar to the size of a furniture removal vehicle.

You don't have to be present for delivery of an Elite Greenhouse. The delivery drivers will be able to deposit the parts wherever you require and post the delivery paperwork through your door in order for you to check the parts received when possible.

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