Why Buy a Shed or Log Cabin?

Published: 07/03/2019

Garden buildings are a practical, attractive and versatile addition to any outdoor space. While many people think of sheds as a place to keep junk out of sight, they can be so much more! We've put together a list to show what a shed, log cabin or summer house can add to your life.

Avoid the Costs of Extensions

A lot of us feel that our houses simply aren’t big enough. Perhaps your family has grown, your hobbies and interests have developed or you’re just looking for a way to improve your home. One way to improve your living space could be to get an extension, but these can be highly expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient. The cost, the noise and the mess are enough to put anyone off. This is where a garden building provides a cheaper, faster and easier solution! Whether you wanted to extend to have more living space, entertaining space, working space or anything else, a shed, summerhouse or log cabin can be all that and more. The Procas Log Cabin

A Procas Log Cabin turned into an art studio


When you think shed, you think storage. While garden buildings can be so much more than a storage area, we can't deny that they're pretty handy for that! Sheds are available in a great range of sizes, so almost every garden can have one. Whether you want to store tools, equipment, outdoor furniture, children's toys, machinery or seasonal items, you can keep them safe and protected from the elements in a garden shed. Garden buildings help clear your home from clutter so you can enjoy the extra space. Tiger Tip: Tidy shed, tidy life. Take care to keep your shed organised, so it's easy to find what you're looking for! Use shelves and wall hooks to increase the storage potential of your building.

The Tiger Tool Tower

The Tiger Tool Tower

A Greenhouse

Do you have a green thumb? If gardening is your forte, a shed can be the perfect place to nurture your hobby. Sheds are not only great places to keep your gardening tools, they can be greenhouses too! If you choose a shed with a lot of windows, such as a Potting Shed, you can grow plants right on your window shelf. Whether you want to grow your own herbs, fruit, vegetables or flowers, sheds with plenty of windows are ideal for helping your plants bloom. Even if you'd prefer a standard shed with fewer windows, a garden shed is still a gardener's best friend. Tiger Tip: A garden shed is a great place to store tender plants over winter, protecting them from frost.Tiger Potting Shed

A Tiger Potting Shed

A Place to Relax or Inspire

Garden buildings make the perfect outdoor sanctuaries for you to relax and unwind. You can turn the space into an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Think comfy furniture, peaceful music and relaxing décor – the perfect place to curl up with a good book. If you have a garden that you’re proud of, you can make your shed, log cabin or summerhouse an extension of that. Bright and airy buildings with lots of windows and panoramic views make for a stunning addition to a well-landscaped garden. Your shed, summer house or log cabin can also be a place to focus on hobbies and interests. Love painting, drawing or sculpting? Create an artist's studio! Have a passion for writing? Roald Dahl, Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf all wrote in their sheds, finding inspiration in the sanctuary of their gardens. Tiger Tip: Candles with real fire would be a definite no in a wooden building. Battery powered flickering candles can almost pass for the real thing, without presenting a fire hazard. Tiger Summerhouse

The Tiger Summerhouse

A Room to Entertain

If you’re more into entertaining than relaxing, a garden building can be the perfect hangout spot. You can transform the space into a fully-functioning bar, complete with bar stools and even a keg of beer to get the party started! A garden building is a great place to host family and friends for coffee mornings, afternoon catch ups, or a gathering in the evening. You can turn your shed or log cabin into a games room with snooker, table football, or a poker table! And if you’re planning on wiring your building with electricity, you could even make a different type of games room – with games consoles and a TV. With a TV, your building could also become a cinema room. With an entertainment room you can provide your own food, snacks, alcohol and music! It's the fun of going out, with all the comfort of staying in. Tiger Tip: Always consult a qualified electrician when thinking about wiring your building. You may want to discuss this with them before you choose the location for your building. Shere Log Cabin

The Shere Log Cabin

A Garden Office or a Workshop

You can turn your garden building into an outdoor office to focus on work. This is especially a good idea if you work from home, so you can still get the feeling of leaving the office at the end of the day. A garden office can be free from the distractions of your home, giving you a space to concentrate and catch up on any tasks. You don’t need much to build an office – just an office chair, a desk, and motivation! If your projects are less laptop and more worktop, a larger shed, summer house or log cabin makes an ideal workshop. Make sure your building has double doors if you plan on maneouvering bulky tools or equipment. Use wall hooks as a great space-saving way of organising your tools. Tiger Tip: Want to have WiFi in your garden building? Check out our blog post on how to stay connected in your back garden here. Tiger XL Heavyweight Workshop

The Tiger XL Heavyweight Workshop Shed

A Home Gym

Another popular use for a garden building is a home gym. Forget the hassle of expensive gym memberships and the commute - you can work out right in your garden! Once you've invested in the equipment you want, it's much cheaper than a pricey annual fee. And you don't have to share machinery with sweaty strangers. Whether you want to splash out on a treadmill and an elliptical, or simply some weights and a yoga mat, your work out studio can be anything you want it to be. Tiger Tip: Make sure to have opening windows if you start a home gym – you’ll thank me in summer! If you want more information on creating a home gym, check out our blog post here.The Javan

Inside the Javan Log Cabin

Give Them Some Space...

Many young adults are choosing to stay in the family home for longer, due to the rising (and rising…) cost of being a first-time home owner. A garden building can provide a space for older children to call their own, with an affordable price tag. Whether you choose a garden shed, summer house or log cabin, any building can be transformed into a home away from home. It's perfect for when your children want friends over, and for when you want to have some peace and quiet at home! Tiger Tip: Click here for information on planning permission.

Alexandria Log Cabin

Alexandria Log Cabin

So, now you know why you should buy a garden building, the question is - which one to choose? You can have a look at our excellent range of garden sheds, summerhouses and log cabins for inspiration. If you need help with some of the important things to consider before you make your purchase, check out our Shed Buyer's Guide and our Log Cabin Buyer's Guide.

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