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How to keep your Potting Shed blooming

Published: 15/01/2019

Winter has arrived, and all over the U.K. we’re finding ourselves spending more time indoors, eating leftovers, binge-watching our favourite shows and neglecting our beautiful gardens! But fear not, we’ve got some ideas to get you out of the house and in to your shed! It’s never too early to prepare for Summer, so it’s time to get planting. All of the flowers, fruits and vegetables below can be planted indoors in January, so you’re not short of supplies for spring! Below we've listed some of our favourite plants and vegetables which you can pot in January.

What to pot in January - Blooming Beauties:

Geraniums, Dianthus and Begonias – sow these seeds now, in your potting shed or greenhouse, to give these slow-growers the time they need to blossom. The rich variety of colours would be a great addition to any display. Be sure to give them plenty of warmth by using a heated propagator or making use of the natural insulation provided by a greenhouse or potting shed.







Did you get gifted more plant pots than you know what to do with this Christmas? Did the generous beneficiary forget to give you a gift receipt? Lorentia and Lobelia can be planted now, to fill these hanging baskets and flower pots this summer!





Sweet Peas are a favourite amongst our horticultural friends. Their delicate look and diversity of colours available make them a ‘must have’ for any garden. Plant them indoors now to provide them with the gentle heat they need to grow bright and strong!

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas  

What to pot in January - Growing Greens:

If you’re anything like me, with the New Year comes age old resolution: ‘Eat healthy!’. To help you achieve this goal, there are some vegetables you can be planting in your own back yard, even in January! Salad greens such as Winter Lettuce and Spinach can be grown indoors, with access to lots of light, to help you fill up on vitamin goodness (and perhaps cut down on those carbs!).





Herbs are also a great idea if you’re looking to get an early start on your crop, and they’re easy to grow too! Get them started with a lot of light and the protection of a potting shed or greenhouse. Once they’re ready to move to pot, herbs can make a statement display piece in your kitchen. Just look for some unique receptacles or up-cycle some of the empty jars left over from your holiday feast!



Not all of your healthy grows need to be green. Why not try your hand at planting some strawberries! Be sure to give them plenty of cover (and love) and they’ll add some bright, fresh flavour and colour to any summer salad.



There’s plenty of other options for you garden this year, but hopefully this has given you some fun ideas to get you started. Be sure to look up the correct way to plant and grow your seeds, and remember, you’re never too young to have a green thumb! If you’re new to the gardening world and are looking for a potting shed to house your starter plants, or simply looking to upgrade your existing set-up, take a look at the Tiger Potting Shed, or the Tiger Penthouse. Both let in a tonne of light, and have an option for a potting bench to give you plenty of space to work. Don't forget to take advantage of our January sale too, with 5% off Wooden Sheds and 10% off all Log Cabins.





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