What is a long, narrow garden shed?

Published: 31/10/2022

Tiger Pent Bike Store with Double Doors

Finding space for a garden shed can be tricky if you don't have a lot of outdoor space, and this is where long narrow garden sheds come into their own.

Garden buildings with narrower gable widths can often fit into the space along the side of your house or into seemingly awkward gaps in your garden, helping you to make the most of your space.

What is a long narrow garden shed?

Long narrow sheds are typically those whose gable width measures four feet or less, but whose length can extend up to eight feet or more.

The purpose of a long thin shed might be quite specific, for example if you want to erect a shed to store bicycles inside. The Tiger Pent Bike Store is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a long narrow shed that will comfortably house bicycles and fit into a narrow outdoor space. This shed is seven feet long and comes in a variety of widths, making it equally well suited to storing bicycles as it is to storing gardening equipment, lawnmowers, tools and other gardening essentials.

If your outdoor space is short as well as narrow, you can still find sheds of outstanding quality that will fit snugly and provide impressive storage.

The Tiger Overlap Double Toolshed, for example, comes in sizes ranging from 5x3 feet to 8x4, with double doors as standard as well as high-grade finish overlap cladding.

If the space down the side of your property is around four feet wide, there is a huge range of long narrow sheds for the side of your house available in our garden sheds range, and you can filter your search by size to easily find an appropriately sized shed to suit your needs.

Images of long narrow garden sheds

 Tiger Pen Bike Store Shed with Double Doors

The Tiger Pent Bike Store (7x3) 

Tiger Overlap Double Toolshed with Double Doors

Tiger Overlap Double Toolshed (5x3) 

Tiger Shiplap Apex Security Shed with security windows and metal security bar

TigerFlex® Shiplap Apex Security Double Door Shed (6x4) 

You can find long thin sheds such as the Lotus Metal Apex Shed or the TigerFlex Shiplap Apex Bike Shed which has wide double doors for easy access. For a longer narrow shed, check out the TigerFlex® Shiplap Apex Security Shed that offers impressive space at 12x4, and has been thoughtfully designed with security windows and a sturdy metal protection bar for peace of mind.

What is a TıgerFlex® shed? 

The flexibility of TigerFlex® is perfect if you need a longer, narrower shed. Our innovative and bestselling TigerFlex® sheds are perfect for when you need a modular garden building design.  You are in control… you can choose where to put the walls, windows and doors for best light and accessibility!  

Bespoke sheds

At Tiger, we also offer custom-built narrow sheds for bespoke sizing, so if you cannot find the long thin shed you're looking for in our existing product range, you can speak to us, and we'll do our best to ensure your design needs are met.

Find your perfect space with Tiger. Explore our quality collection of garden buildings in all shapes sizes.   Including fast delivery sheds, log cabins, summer houses, garden storage, playhouses, pet houses, storage sheds, pergolas, and garden bars! 

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