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Launch of our Garden Athletics Training Cabins

Published: 27/07/2016

To celebrate 2016’s summer of sport, we've launched three custom-built athletic training cabins.

When a big sporting event comes along, a lot of people may feel inspired to try out different sports. So this one-of-a-kind cabin range allows you to try out something new and become a professional at it!

The design process

The planning of the Athletics Cabins started with some simple sketches, it was vital that these buildings were designed to allow training to occur in a suitable environment! Below are the first sketches created for the new range... 1

Once we had the sketches and a clear idea on how we wanted the cabins to look, we then had to make these sketches become a reality - something that anyone could buy right from our website!

100m Cabin

Offers a full 100-metre indoor track, constructed from sports grade rubber tarmac. The interior and exterior of this cabin are marked with distance markers, a finish line, and a wall mounted timer. 100m Training Cabin 100m interior Key Features:

  • 100m long 44mm thick log cabin;
  • Single fully boarded door at each end;
  • Includes distance markers;
  • Timer on wall to keep track of your PB;
  • Finish line markings.

PLUS, you can add on these additional extras:

  • Wireless Speaker;
  • Hot and Cool Fan Heater;
  • Male and Female Running Kits;
  • Head Sweatbands.

Diving Cabin

Equipped with two slip-proof wooden diving boards and full changing facilities, including wooden benches and clothes pegs on each level of the cabin. Diving Cabin Interior diving cabin Key Features:

  • 2 wooden diving boards with slip proof cover;
  • Loft stairs leading up to each diving board;
  • Indoor wooden bench;
  • 44mm high-grade interlocking planned and finished logs.

PLUS, you can add on these additional extras:

  • Armbands;
  • Male and Female Diving Kits;
  • Swim Goggles;
  • Swim Cap;
  • Lilo.

Cycling Cabin

Comes with a built-in velodrome circuit. The cabin also includes indoor and outdoor bike storage to keep equipment safe and secure when not in use. Cycling Cabin PicMonkey Collage Key Features:

  • Built-in velodrome;
  • Bike stands; inside and outside;
  • 44mm high-grade interlocking planed and finished logs;
  • 10 Year Gold Medal Guarantee.

PLUS, you can add on these additional extras:

  • Puncture Repair Kit;
  • Bike Chain Lock;
  • Helmet;
  • Male and Female Cycling Kit.

  Check out our Summer of Sport range over on the Tiger Sheds website: https://www.tigersheds.com/other-buildings/summer-of-sport/

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