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The Multi-functional Shed Model

Published: 15/06/2010

Sheds can have much more than just one function...

The garden shed. It used to be the place where your dad kept his tools. You were never really sure what happened behind those doors, but every now and again he would emerge with some new creation, or even a handful of plants. Sheds come in all shaped and sizes, from potting sheds to playhouses to office and outdoor space. They also serve many purposes, from purely storage, to a work area, to additional home living and office space. With the ever growing exterior design market, higher range log cabins are a sure-fire way of making a statement, but without spending the money, or getting the planning for a permanent extension. Sheds are spaces for all members of the family. If you have pets of children, you cannot safely carry out some home repairs, cut wood or metal, or just store your tools in your home. A shed offers the security of keeping your loved ones a safe distance from dangerous tools and activities, with the option of locking them away afterwards. Children can use sheds as playhouses – many come with large bright windows and verandas, and once decorated with some inexpensive outdoor furniture make a safe play environment. Slightly larger sheds and log cabins can be used for entertainment when the weather is a little dull, allowing you to keep your guests in the garden. Again, inexpensive furniture can change the appearance of the wooden walls and make a pleasant entertaining area. A similar sized cabin would also have the opportunity to double as living or office space. Many designers have studios in their garden, and large open spaces with full height glass, or open double doors allow creativity to flow. So in reflection, all types of sheds are functional spaces, whether it’s only a square meter or two, or 44 foot long! Sheds are a place to:

  • stop your home from getting dirty
  • go when you need to repair something
  • keep your tools
  • entertain
  • relax
  • work

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