Brew Big and Pay Less with the Brewery Shed!

Published: 24/11/2017

Raising the Bar on Home Brewing

We draughted in Northern Monk Brew Co. to tap into the 'brew it yourself' market. Now you can make 2018 the year of the 45p pint!

The boom of craft beer

The craft beer scene is bigger than ever. It’s big business, too. According to YouGov’s 2017 survey, the average craft beer drinker spends £897 in the pub every year, with cask ale lovers spending a whopping £1029.

The Brewery Shed


Like the best craft beers, The Brewery Shed is a premium-quality, handmade product and has been purpose-designed by experts with the latest in brewing technology – the Grainfather Connect All-in-One brewing system. The Grainfather can make up to 40 pints of beer in one batch. At around £18 per batch of ingredients, that’s just 45p a pint! In a nation where the average cost of a pint of beer is £3.60 and £4.15 for a pint of craft keg, The Brewery Shed is more than just a shed – it’s an investment.

Brew it yourself!


Not only is it a good way to save some precious pennies but every batch of beer is unique and gives the brewer the chance to really experiment with flavours. There are hundreds of hops and malts and thousands of different ways to blend. The Brewery Shed also functions as a bar, so when the beer is perfected it can be served straight to family, friends and new-found fans.

Want the chance to win one?

Not only is The Brewery Shed available to buy on the Tiger Sheds website but there is a chance for a lucky brewer to win one! More information on the competition can be found on the Tiger Sheds Facebook page! Click here for more information.

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