Simple Tips to Increase the Value of your Property

Published: 28/04/2016

It's no secret that adding improvements to your house can increase the value of your property and help it to sell. However, what many people don't usually realise is that it doesn't always have to mean installing a brand new kitchen or creating a swanky new loft extension; improvements which can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. There are also plenty of small and less costly improvements that can vastly increase the value of your home and get your property 'sale-ready'. Here are some simple ways that you can increase the value of your property and help it to sell quicker...

Create the illusion of there being more space. Tom Lodge from Property Eagle says that making rooms appear bigger could end up increasing the value of your property. ''The rule to follow is the less in your room, the bigger it feels,'' he says. So if you can get rid of anything that you just don't need, then do it! Section one. Spend some time reorganising your rooms so that you can make the most out of what you have. You don't want any rooms to appear cluttered or messy, as this could make it very difficult for potential buyers to visualise living in this space. The same goes for your garden. Simple things like mowing your lawn, tidying up the patio and planting some nice flowers can make a huge difference. Take some time to deep clean your whole house - including any 'forgotten' bits. You could even hire a professional to do this for you to ensure it's done properly. Paint rooms in neutral tones. Everyone has a different taste and style, so the easiest way to impress everyone is to keep it neutral.  Collage 2 ''Fresh neutral paint is the number one change sellers can make to get the most bang for their buck. Paint rooms a neutral grey or beige so buyers can envision their own furnishings in the room,'' says Tricia, lifestyle blogger at The Tricia Collective. Spending some time to paint your rooms in more neutral shades can make a huge difference and in the grand scheme of things, not cost too much either. Lifestyle Blogger Tricia claimed to of sold her first home within just days of it being on the market and insists that this quick sale was down mainly to a few simple improvements that she made to her home;

  • Painting rooms in neutral colours.
  • Removing personal photographs from the walls and shelves. Less is more!
  • Cleaning up the front porch.

So as well as painting in neutral shades, you should try to 'remove yourself' from the decor. Take down personal photographs, cut down on the quirky decor and take down any notes hung on the fridge. In that way, people can have a clearer idea on what they can do with the space.

Bump up your home's 'Curb Appeal'.  First impressions last. Curb Appeal Taking time to preen the front of your house could increase the value of your property pretty significantly. ''Did you know that people will make assumptions on a home just by driving by? If the outside is unflattering, dated, and needs repairs, they may drive right by without even stopping to look at the inside, '' says Dina Gibbons, Home & Garden Design Expert at Rubberecycle. ''Research shows that a home's value can increase as much as $8,000 just by updating the front door.'' Dina Gibbons claims that the main things to focus on to preen the front of your house is:

  • Front Door
  • Gutters
  • Windows and Trim
  • Landscape
  • Roof and Chimney
  • Light Fixtures

Some of these things won't take too much time or money but could result in a fast sale! You need to consider the whole experience when people come to view your property - for a while they may be lurking outside your home whilst the estate agent gives them an introductory chat or fiddles about finding keys. If they're unimpressed with the front of your home, then it could all go downhill from there.

Create more storage with stylish open shelving in your kitchen.  Storage and space are key! The more you create of both the higher you can theoretically increase the value of your property.  Open Shelving ''Try open shelving in the kitchen - Take out a couple of cabinet doors and create an open shelving look,'' says Morgan Molitor, the designing force behind Construction 2 Style. This then creates a modern look for your kitchen and showcases how much storage you have. Vivienne Harris, Managing Director at Heathgate Residential Sales Lettings and Property Management, discusses the importance of having plenty of storage, ''Storage is a must, make sure you have plenty of wardrobes and cupboards and ensure that you tidy anything extraneous in them. Keep in mind that people inspecting your property are not just looking at the rooms but making a lifestyle choice, they want to see if it fits with their aspirations. It's not just about accommodation but about whether they can see themselves living there.'' Storage is definitely something high up on most people's list when looking for their next property. Many people will struggle to imagine living somewhere if they have no space for their clothes, or all their plates and mugs. The more storage you can offer in your property the better. A garden shed is another great improvement to add to your home as it offers a huge space that people can use for storage, therefore making the property more appealing.

Conclusion  Even the small improvements that you make to your house can make a huge difference! house-435618_960_720

Start with the front of your house - clean, paint, repair, add in some flowers etc. Once you're done, consider if there are any ways you can make it more appealing. Then move on to the rest of your house - paint in neutral tones, get rid of the clutter and personal belongings, deep-clean everything, try the open shelf look and ensure that there is plenty of storage available. Overall, you want to make sure potential buyers can imagine living in your home! If you have any further tips on easy ways people can increase the value of their home then let us know in the comments below! View the Tiger Sheds collection of Storage Sheds here.                       

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