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How to Make your Garden Safe from Thieves

Published: 07/02/2019

Making sure your home is secure and protected from theft is at the top of many homeowners’ agendas, with many Brits installing burglar alarms and locks to ensure thieves stay away from their homes. But how do you go about protecting your garden from theft? And how many Brits are taking the necessary precautions when it comes to their garden buildings? Here at Tiger Sheds, we spoke to police forces across the UK, and surveyed 1,000 Brits, to discover the amount of garden thefts and determine what Brits do to keep their gardens safe. Plus, we’ll let you know how to ensure your garden is protected from thieves too. Note: For a step-by-step guide on shed security, follow the link. In the post, we talk more about facts and figures - and the reasons it's important to keep your shed secure.

Garden thefts in the UK

So, just how many garden buildings have been broken into across the UK in the past five years? We spoke to UK police forces to find out. Thankfully, the number of garden shed break-ins has mostly decreased in the past five years in most parts of the UK. Gwent reported the largest decrease in theft (94%), from fifty to just three, while Derbyshire (82%), South Yorkshire (79%) and Staffordshire (52%) also reported huge decreases. And out of the seventeen establishments we looked into, only one area (Nottingham) reported an increased number of break-ins from 2014-2017, rising from 1279 to 1794 (+40%). However, between 2016 and 2017, seven establishments reported an increased number of break-ins during this year, including Dorset (+28%), Devon and Cornwall (+28%) and Bedfordshire (+19%). Shed Security

What are we doing to ensure shed safety?

What lengths are Brits going to to ensure their garden buildings are safe? 83% of Brits surveyed revealed that they take precautions to keep their garden buildings secure, but that means that 17% revealed they don’t do anything to keep their belongings safe from thieves. And the most popular ways to protect garden buildings from threat are: 1. Locking with a padlock (68%) 2. Outdoor sensory lighting (46%) 3. Shed door lock and key (42%) 4. Anchoring the shed/building to the ground (22%) 5. Fitting an alarm (16%) But do the precautions we take change with age or circumstance? Well, the survey revealed that 18-24-year olds were the least careful age group, with 22% claiming they take no precautions to keep their garden buildings secure. Alternatively, those aged 65 and over were the most cautious, with 90% revealing they take plenty of steps to ensure their garden buildings are secure. This may have something to do with circumstance, however. The survey also revealed that homeowners are more cautious ensuring their garden building is safe compared to renters. 86% of homeowners will lock up their shed or install sensory lighting, but only 72% of renters said they’d do the same. Only a smaller number of 18-24-year olds own their own home compared to those aged 65 and over, which could, perhaps, account for why this age group may be less careful when it comes to the safety of their sheds and outbuildings.

How can we protect our gardens from thieves?

So, what can homeowners’ do to protect their gardens from thieves? The most popular methods, revealed from the survey above, are great ways of keeping your sheds and buildings safe. Padlocks, alarms and sensory lighting are all wonderful ways to ensure your belongings are secure, but there are many other options too. Top tips to ensure shed safety: ? Use a security bar to secure your doors and deter break-ins ? Use anti-vandal screws to stop thieves from tampering and breaking in ? Keep your shed in good condition to deter thieves. Thieves look for damages to ensure easier access, so it’s important to keep it in tip-top condition ? Fit a closed shackle padlock to the door. This is clearly visible to thieves and could put them off from trying to attempt entry ? Make sure the fittings are bolted through the door properly and any screws are concealed ? Invest in an alarm. This is one of the best ways to deter thieves. And if you’re looking for a new shed for your garden, we recommend our strong, safe and secure Apex Shed. With superior grade cladding, security slit windows and security bar included, it’s the perfect shed to keep your belongings safe. Click here to view it or explore our full range here.

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