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Set up a Successful Business from a Garden Shed

Published: 19/04/2018

Considering setting up a business from home? Read our tips on things you should consider if you're thinking about setting up a business from your garden shed or log cabin. More and more people are attracted to the idea of working from home, especially entrepreneurs. It's clear to see why; no commute, no office politics, more balanced home and work life and possibly better childcare solutions. If you're considering setting up or moving your business to a garden shed or log cabin then it's imperative you think everything through, from the furniture and equipment to heating and electricity! We've provided some simple suggestions to help you make that big step...

Electricity and Heating


In today's workplace most people require technology to do their jobs efficiently.Therefore, getting electricity in your shed or cabin should be one of the first things that you consider. However, unless you're a trained electrician we would advise to get a professional to carry out the work. A professional electrician would be ideal as they will be able to advise how best to comply with the rules of the Building Regulations. Planning permission is not generally required for installing or replacing electrical circuits. However, if you live in a listed building you're advised to contact your Local Planning Authority before carrying out any work. You should also think about heating if you plan on working in your shed during winter and late evenings. Depending on what your budget is for this there are various different heating solutions;

  • Portable heaters
  • Heat Bulb
  • Under Floor Heating
  • Solar Panels

Internet and Phone


A great advantage of creating a work space in your shed or cabin is that it's usually within a close proximity to your home and this could mean your WiFi connection! Therefore, being close to home could save a bundle of cash and time as you won't have to pay or wait for installation and paying extra monthly fees. As most businesses require a phone-line before launching, a quick and easy option could be to use your mobile and connect to the WiFi, which would then save even more money and time. Read our handy guide for how to get Internet in your garden office.

Lighting and Security 

Image Credits:

Image Credits:

If you plan on gaining electricity in your shed then you should also discuss with your electrician setting up lighting. However, if you feel you won't be getting electricity then there are some fantastic battery operated lights that do just the trick. Mr Beams have some great options on lighting which can work as a great alternative. It's also important that you consider making your shed extra secure! Tiger Sheds have a great range of security products and lights and alarms to keep your shed safe.

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We hope you found this blog useful! If you're seeking advice on how to decorate your new working space then please view our previous post on creating an outside office shed.   @TigerSheds   #myhomeoffice #yourtigershed     

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