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Run a Business from a Garden Shed or Log Cabin | Tiger Sheds

Published: 12/05/2016

We get a lot of customers purchasing garden sheds and log cabins to then transform into a home office. As working from home is such a huge jump for anyone to make, we've contacted some accomplished business owners and entrepreneurs who do work from home to gain some top tips on how to do it successfully.

Set certain times of the day for just work and certain times of the day for just personal stuff.  Time.

Make sure to set strict times during your day that you will focus on work and certain times of the day for you to relax, like you would do on a normal nine till five job. It's very important to still have some form of routine, otherwise, you could end up being easily distracted or get too carried away in your work. Nedalee Thomas, CEO of ChansonWater says, 'Having had 5 employees in one bedroom of my home and using my garage as a warehouse, I can say that my best advice is to have hours when you personally are done with work and stop to enjoy your home life. It worked well when we kept to the rule of basically "clocking out" at a specified time. It's the only way to achieve balance, because it can't be all business.'

Still dress smart on a daily basis. 

Smartly dressed business man.

When you dress smart you generally feel more focused and ready to work. Although it doesn't really need to be a suit or anything too uncomfortable if you're at home, just something fresh that you wouldn't mind leaving the house in. Leanne Tremblay, who works as a Textile Designer from home for Loomination says,  'Get dressed! People are always saying how when you work from home, you can work in your pajamas. That might be nice for someone who works at home occasionally, but working in your pajamas will make you feel unkempt and unprofessional. Get cleaned up and dressed for the day the same way you would when leaving the home, no matter what your work uniform is. I'm usually working in yoga pants, but they're a clean pair that I put on after my morning shower.'

Have an organised workspace. 

Organised desk space.

It's important to dedicate a certain spot or room which you will predominately do all your work in. This is why a shed or a log cabin can help you work more productively, as it helps to segregate your home and work life a little bit better. Gwendolyn Kestrel, from Love That Pet who works at home doing the marketing says, 'Have a single, dedicated place for each item of inventory, office supplies, or packing materials. As you organise your workspace, go through the steps you take to do your work or make your product and know where you’ll store each.  Invest in a label maker and label each.  You’ll never have to hunt for a pen to jot down a note on a customer call again. Invest in the supplies and space you need for your business and keep them off-limits from the rest of your household.  This avoids stress and friction when your son borrows your scissors for a school project, your husband spreads a home multi-weekend home repair project over your workspace, or your mobile phone shows a “low battery” warning and your charger is missing from your desk.' Over on the Tiger Sheds website we offer a selection of products which would work perfectly as a garden office, including one of our brand new products called the Tiger Garden Studio. Working from a garden shed or a log cabin can help to create that important line between your work life and your home life, as there's a clear, physical boundary; somewhere away from those deadly distractions, such as the phone, the TV, the bed and even the refrigerator.

Make a strict daily routine.

Plan for the working day.

It's so important to set yourself a daily plan, and more importantly, to stick by it. Richard Storm, who works from home as a Photographer at NyPhotoNy says, 'The best advice I can give is to treat your day to day like you DO work in an office. I wake up, workout, shower, eat, and get right into it even earlier than folks who commute. You have to work harder than most people and be more committed as well. ' Helene K. Liatsos, owner of Home Office Management Experts, a home-based business teaching others to work at home, agrees with Richard's points and elaborates, 'The point is to set up a schedule that you respect and get the people you live with to respect it as well.  Post the hours where everyone can see them and then stick to them! For kids, it is a good idea to post the hours that you spend with them so they can see that too. I believe that working from home is something that you love to do, otherwise it becomes a job.  Choosing the type of work you want to do, setting up your work environment and hours you will work, should be based changing how you live your life.  My motto is:  Love what you do and live the life you love.

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