Why Tiger Bin Stores are Perfect for a New Home

Published: 07/09/2021

Our regular Customer Spotlights highlight how many of our happy customers come back to buy new or additional garden buildings from the Tiger website – and Linda Chalmers is a prime example. Linda recently contacted us to rave about her experiences with Tiger. Here’s her story:

How Linda’s Tiger journey started

Tiger Tool Tower bought in 2016

Linda bought her first Tiger Tool Tower in 2016[/caption] Linda first became aware of Tiger Sheds a little over five years ago. She explains, “On a previous trip to Tatton Park Flower Show, we saw some small sheds on display that had been decorated and painted beautifully – and we thought how lovely they were! “A short time after this, my husband and I moved to a smaller property and we needed a small shed I could put all my little hand tools and bits and bobs in. “Having been inspired by the sheds Tatton Park show, I began looking for a shed that both looked great and made good use of the available space. “I came across Tiger Sheds’ website, clicked ‘Storage Sheds’ on the menu, and found the Tiger Tool Tower. I knew instantly this would be perfect for what I was looking for. I also noticed the Bin Stores when scrolling through and thought what a good idea they were! At the time, the property we lived in had communal bins, so we had no use for them – but they stuck in my mind.”

How her Tiger story continues…

Tiger Bin Store - Double

Cut to early 2020, and Linda and her husband were on the move again. Linda continues, “The new property has a garden and no communal bins – we had our own. But due to the small space, these bins had to sit in front of our French windows, which spoiled our view. And that’s when I remembered the Tiger Bin Store.

"Friendly and helpful customer service"

“When I started looking again, Tiger Sheds had a promotion on that was coming to an end soon. However, I wasn’t quite ready to order as we didn’t have a completion date. “I called Tiger customer service and they said it would be no problem if I ordered them before the promotion ended as they could hold the order. I just had to call them again to arrange delivery when the time came, which I did. “My husband and I kept busy during lockdown planning the garden design, putting together and painting the two Bin Store Doubles. We are very pleased with the results!”

What does Linda think would’ve happened if she hadn’t bought the Bin Stores?

“If I hadn’t come across the Bin Stores, we would have had our four bins on display in the garden visible through our French doors. This would’ve spoiled the overall look of the garden design as we had no other area to store them. “The Bin Stores keep the bins cleverly out of sight as well as being aesthetically pleasing structures in their own right! They blend in well with our other garden structures – especially now we’ve painted them a lovely mid-grey colour.”

What most impressed Linda about her Tiger Bin Stores?

“The Bin Stores are well constructed and designed; we found them fairly straight forward to assemble. Overall, I found Tiger Sheds easy to order from, and customer service were friendly and helpful when I contacted them.”

Part III of Linda’s Tiger adventure

Linda's new Tiger Tool Tower 2021

“Our next project now is deciding what colour to paint the new 2x3ft Tiger Tool Tower we've just recently purchased!”

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