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Why Bruce Is Tiger’s Number-One Fan

Published: 05/08/2021

Bruce Wilton and his wife are recently retired – and he says they’re both “loving it!” The couple enjoy walking and cycling, but they also like to sit back and relax. And that’s where their Tiger Corner Summerhouse comes in. Since buying the Summerhouse in January 2021, Bruce has been a real champion of Tiger – commenting enthusiastically on many of our Facebook posts. In this Customer Spotlight, Bruce tells us why he became such a fan…

What led Bruce to

Like most of our customers, Bruce found us on Google. He says, “I was Googling summerhouses and came across the Tiger Sheds website. “I watched a video on the website of the manufacturing from start to finish and was quite impressed. The expertise in design and workmanship really came across – and that’s when we knew Tiger offered the quality we were looking for…” Watch the video that impressed Bruce so much below:

How did Bruce put up the Summerhouse – was it easy, and how long did it take?

Montage of Summerhouse build

“I built and painted it in stages. I built it myself so found it quite easy, although I needed to ask a friend to help me get the roof on. “In total, it took a week to build and add several coats of paint – but it would’ve been a lot quicker if the weather had been better.”

How do Bruce and his wife use their Tiger Corner Summerhouse?

“We love to relax in our Summerhouse on long summer nights. My wife enjoys reading there and I listen to music – heaven!”

How did the couple decorate their Summerhouse?

“We chose an Autumn Gold colour for the outside of the building – it looks similar to the original ‘Burnt Orange’ colour of the wood from afar. But up close, it has a smoother feel and is much more to our tastes. “I also painted the inside in a Coastal Mist colour, which is very tranquil and helps us wind down. “We also added a table and two comfy chairs, as well as our own accessories – it looks and feels very homely now.”

Are Bruce and his wife happy with how it turned out?

“We’re very happy with our Summerhouse. I’m proud of it too – that’s why I like to share photos of it on the Tiger Facebook page! "It has definitely improved the look of our yard too – and we spend much more time there than we did before.”

What most impressed Bruce about his Tiger building?

“I was most impressed by the quality of the timber and overall workmanship – it’s clear how much care and attention went into the design and build!”

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