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Why a Shed Manufacturer Turned Georgina to Tiger

Published: 16/08/2021

Georgina recently contacted us to say how much she loves her new 8x6 Tiger Shiplap Apex. After a bad experience with another manufacturer, Georgina was hesitant to buy another garden building. But in this Customer Spotlight, she tells us why her experience with Tiger Sheds was so much better…

What led Georgina to contact the Tiger team?

Georgina says, “I initially bought a shed from another shed company. I had to wait three months for the shed to arrive, but when it arrived the build quality was absolutely horrendous. Literally every panel had gaps, screws hanging out, warping, and broken roof panels! I was devastated as we had been looking forward to it. “The other company agreed to take it back but took three weeks to collect then another three weeks to refund. In the meantime, I looked online for an alternative and found Tiger.”

Did she have any reservations about buying from us – and what changed her mind?

"After my last experience, I was hesitant to deal with any shed manufacturer. But Tiger’s online reviews were so good that we decided to give you a chance. "This was a big purchase for us a family as we’d been saving to buy it for six months – and we’re all so glad we took the plunge!"

Value for money

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBxexbT3HzI “When we purchased from Tiger, we actually went up a size. “Our initial plan was to have 7x6 but when I was looking at your site I decided to go up in size to 8x6 as Tiger buildings are such good value. I wasn’t sure if it would fit in our space so I marked the base out with Tipp-Ex to see how it would fit (my husband was rolling his eyes over the Tipp-Ex on his nice new base!). “I decided that I wanted to make the most of the big base otherwise I may regret it. I’m so pleased I did!”

What does she think would've happened if she hadn't made the purchase?

Georgina’s husband had already built the shed base when their previous shed arrived. So, after they sent that back, they were stuck with an empty shed base. Georgina says, “To be honest the more I saw my new empty shed base the more down it was making me feel. “We used to have a garden storage unit (which leaked) that held my lawnmower and garden tools for years. Since February, all of my tools have been in our garage which has been so annoying as things were not accessible. “I was so excited (and nervous) for my new Tiger Shed to arrive.”

How did Georgina put up her shed – was it easy and how long did it take?

“My husband and dad put the shed together. They both commented on the build quality. It was a total improvement on my last one! Thank goodness!”

The lights look nice. What inspired Georgina to decorate her shed in this way?

“I love my new shed so I wanted to make it pretty as it was my space. Our living room is in our conservatory which faces the shed. So, when I watch TV at night I can see my solar stars sparkling. “My husband is a tiler and a real man’s man but even he loves the look and feel of the shed. He spent all day Saturday helping me build storage units and fit the lights.”

What accessories did she add to her purchase?

“I bought real glass for the windows, which I’m VERY pleased with. I love looking out of real glass to my garden. I think this is in investment I will not regret as I’ve seen other sheds without real glass but mine creates a much nicer view.”

Are Georgina and family happy with how it turned out?

“Oh my goodness, this shed has made me soooo happy. I even posted on my Instagram/Facebook stories the day it was finished to say how happy it had made me. “I have wanted a shed since we moved in 19 years ago but we couldn’t justify buying one as there were other things to buy! At last I have my space. “My husband has made it so nice with the interior storage and lights.  We have added a hook on the outside so I can keep the door open.”

How does Georgina use her Tiger Shiplap Apex shed?

“My shed is now full! I treated myself to a potting bench and some shelving at the garden centre. “I didn’t want to invest in anything until I know it had arrived and was ok (after our previous experience). I intend to grow seed on the potting bench in the window.”

What most impressed Georgina most about her new Tiger building?

“The build quality. It looks exactly like you would expect it to look. “Even the care taken by the delivery driver was the complete opposite of the other company that let me down. I also liked the updates from Tiger telling me how the build was going. It added fuel to my excitement!”

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