The Tiger Shed Inspired by a US Road Trip

Published: 10/08/2021

Brian Walker and his wife, Pauline, bought an 8x6 Tiger Shiplap Apex shed as part of a full garden makeover – and we think it looks lovely! It’s with this in mind that we’re announcing Brian as the winner of our Share Your Shed competition for June – congratulations Brian! As it turned out, the décor of the shed was inspired by a pre-lockdown road trip around the USA…

Brian bought the shed for his sister-in-law

Brian Walker's Tiger Shiplap Apex shed

While Brian and his wife put a lot of effort into making the shed a nice feature of the garden makeover – it isn’t actually their shed. In fact, they bought the shed as a present for his sister-in-law. Brian says, “The garden was neglected. In the 20 years that my sister-in-law had lived in the property, she’d never used the garden as a place to sit and relax or enjoy in any way. “It contained a 50-foot-high tree which dominated the space and blocked out most of the natural light. So, my wife and I decided to change that. “After we had the tree removed, we set about renovating the garden – and we used lots recycled materials, including old paving stones and fencing that neighbours were disposing of – and then we realised the garden also needed a shed.”

So, what led Brian to choose Tiger Sheds?

“Having used the recycled materials, the garden was developing a fresh, yet traditional look and feel. And we wanted a shed to fit in with that traditional feel, but that was also made from high-quality timber and offered value for money. “After reading so many positive reviews of Tiger Sheds, we decided to go with the Shiplap Apex, which was exactly what my sister-in-law needed."

Was the Shiplap Apex easy to assemble?

“Pauline and I erected the shed in around two hours. It was a relatively simple job.”

How did Brian and his wife decorate the shed?

A wider image of the Shiplap Apex shed in a garden

“Pauline painted the outside of the shed in a fetching cream colour before adding the flower baskets and lamp – something we’d both seen on sheds during a road trip around the USA.

Is everyone involved happy with how it turned out?

Brian Walker's Shiplap Apex at a slight angle

“Yes – absolutely. The shed turned out better than expected and continues to receive many positive comments.”

What will your next garden building look like? For inspiration, tap this link.

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