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How to Turn an Unused Garden Space into a Pub

Published: 28/09/2021

A few years ago, Neil “Thunder” Robinson and family bought a house with a large garden. To create a place where the whole family enjoy the garden together, Neil added some decking and a seating area. But he soon realised that, due to the British weather, he and his family would only be able to take full advantage of the space “a few months a year”. Then lockdown hit – and that’s when Neil and his wife “decided to build a pub” …

Neil couldn’t find the right garden building – until he found Tiger

Neil says, “We looked endlessly for a shed we could use all year round. The Rho log cabin ticked many boxes – it’s almost inch perfect to the area we placed it. “We wanted two windows facing both sides of the garden and double doors. You offered the building we needed without any bespoke design. The 44mm thick logs, and the option to add double glazing which matched our house, sealed the deal. Your cabins also come with a floor as standard – can you believe this is only available as an option for many of your competitors?”

Why Neil’s Rho Log Cabin won our Share Your Shed competition for July ‘21

We love the atmospheric lighting and bar area in Neil’s Rho log cabin – and it stood apart from any of other the entries (all of which were great nonetheless) in our Share Your Shed competition.

Neil explains how the build and decoration evolved…

“The end result of the look of the cabin was really an evolution of the build. Our initial ideas were all blown out of the water when we first built the cabin and had a look at what we had. “The lighting idea was initially shelf lighting on glass tides only… then I got carried away. We tried to make something more over the top compared to what we do to the rooms in our house. I wanted the place to have a look of age – and I think it will only improve over time. “We knew the colour scheme was going to be copper and green, so the vintage style 2400k LEDs really add to the overall look. The copper bar top was expensive, but it really sets off the lights. We didn’t need any wall or ceiling lights – the LEDs are the only lighting we use, and they really set the mood.

How do Neil and his family use his Rho log cabin?

“Our cabin is, frankly, a pub. We built an angled bar that has shelving with optics. There’s an L-shaped seating area with TV and table at the other side, and we’re currently fitting a log burner in the centre of the room. It took a lot of time to decide on the layout as we knew the footprint wasn’t the largest, but it couldn’t have worked out better. “The whole family use it. My daughter had her 18th birthday party in there, and my wife and I use it most weekends. We also friends over from time to time – and they love spending time in there too!”

Another room in the house

“We went to town on the cabin so, along with the above, it has Wi-Fi, TV reception, a sound system, Alexa and a fridge. We also have 240v of electricity coming from the consumer unit, as well as a lighting and mains rig.”

A way to enjoy the garden all year round

“Our garden has never been used as much – before we built the cabin, the area was just an unused space. If we hadn’t purchased the building, I would imagine around now (the start of September) that our garden would be ignored until spring.

A cabin that shines most in winter

“I think we’ll appreciate it most during the colder months. When it’s freezing outside, we’ll be warm inside the Rho with a log burner and bar – happy days.”

Neil used our bespoke service. Which options did he choose?

“The cabin itself is standard, what we added was double glazing Georgian doors and windows and a 5-lever lock. These were mainly for all year warmth and security.”

Was the Rho easy to put together?

“The log cabin is easy to assemble – right up to the point of inserting the double doors. They weigh an absolute tonne – they were impossible for my wife and I to lift them into place on our own. It was lockdown, so no help was available. “In the end, we had to remove the doors from the frame and fit it in segments. But anyone can do the rest.”

What most impressed you about your new Tiger building?

“It has to be the build quality. I think 44mm logs really add to the structure – it feels very rigid. “I was initially hesitant in purchasing a cabin, expecting no more than a garden shed with windows. But it can be blowing a gale and pouring down outside, and you feel protected – it feels like you’re in the house. “It’s very quiet and very warm. The glazing is solid, and the doors and windows lock well. So well done, Tiger sheds. “The only issue we had was when one of the double-glazing panes developed condensation. I contacted Tiger, and the installers came out, changed it and now it’s all fixed. Thanks for the service. No hassle.”

Great for barbecues and all-out disco ball parties (or just relaxing)

“We are very happy with the outcome of the build. It has changed the way we used our garden. It’s in constant use, whether it’s as a social point for a barbecue, a night in with my wife, or an all-out disco ball party hosted by my daughter. “And let’s face it – who doesn’t want to own their own pub with no closing time? Friends, family, and neighbours have all complimented and used it – and everyone loves it!

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