New Tiger Log Store Solved a Surprising Problem

Published: 01/04/2021

When mother-of-two Amanda J bought her Pressure-Treated Log Store from Tiger Sheds three months ago, she was clearly looking for something reliable to store logs in – no surprises there. But Amanda didn’t realise quite how useful this small 4x2 ft. store would become over the next few weeks…

Amanda and family like nothing more than relaxing by an open fire

Amanda, her husband and two young girls live in an old house in Leeds. When the family moved in a few years ago, they quickly realised the old Victorian building would be the perfect home for a log fire. Amanda says, “The whole family likes to spend time at my Dad’s house in Scotland and we all loved relaxing in front of the log fire on cold evenings in late winter and early spring. “I noticed the problems my Dad kept having with his logs when leaving them on concrete right outside his house, so I knew I needed somewhere to store mine. Dad’s logs were left outside in all weathers and he often got frustrated with the amount of time they took to dry out – which was something I wanted to avoid.”

Keeping the logs free from moisture and bugs

To help dodge a build-up of moisture and a long, drawn-out and frustrating drying process for her logs, as well as the problems caused by woodworm and other bugs, Amanda wisely decided to look for something to store them in. “This would help them keep their large garden nice and tidy – especially during summer when the kids like to play outside.”

“Space was at a premium”

Saving space was particularly important to Amanda because, as she says, “space was at a premium” – especially in the midst of a pandemic, during which both kids were home schooling and both Amanda and her husband were working from home. Ideally, the logs would also be easy to access. And yet finding a decent log store at a good price wasn’t quite that easy.

A log store that looks good, lasts and does its job

Hero image of the Tiger Pressure-Treated Log Store

Amanda continues, “I was very keen to find a large log store that had a natural look and complemented the feel of our old house. I also wanted it to be discreet – the idea was that it should blend into its surroundings and not become some kind of feature.” With this in mind, buying a plastic or metal log store wasn’t an option. Amanda searched for log stores online and for a short while, it seemed as though nothing was suitable. “Then I noticed the Tiger Log Store – a compact, but seemingly well-built product with a natural finish.”

Ordering online was fast and easy

Amanda was initially a little concerned about buying something online that she hadn’t seen up close before. However, “I looked on Google and What Shed? and other customers had given the product good reviews. Most people praised its high-quality build and value for money – so that eased my concerns. “Plus, as the log store seemed to strike the right balance between looks, quality and price, I decided to take the plunge and ordered with just a few clicks – it really took no time at all.”

First ‘in-person’ impressions

When Amanda’s new log store arrived, she and her husband realised they had nothing to worry about when it came to ordering online. Made from high-quality spruce wood, the log store had what Amanda’s husband calls “an attractive green hue”, which he later found out comes about due to the tanalisation process. Tanalisation is a type of pressure treatment that makes the wood more durable and long lasting – “exactly what we needed”, says Amanda. Over the next few weeks, the log store provided much needed storage space for their logs – and it blended nicely into its surroundings, just as Amanda had hoped. The family were quickly able to enjoy those warm evenings watching TV in front of the fire in their front room – without fear of damp logs or issues finding space. But here’s where the family’s Tiger Log Store really came in useful…

A tale of two old trees and a Tiger Log Store

Photo of an ailing tree in Amanda's garden

By the time Amanda bought the log store, she had remarked to her husband that the two old eucalyptus trees in their garden needed some attention. The tall one had already broken twice, while the smaller one was “half dead”. Amanda continues, “Within weeks of buying the store, a few days of strong wind and storms meant the trees really needed to be chopped down. My husband called a tree surgeon and within a matter of days, we had more logs than we needed!” Yet the Tiger Log Store proved very useful in this regard. Instead of having a garden they couldn’t use or paying someone to take the dead trees away, the log store gave them a place to store the logs, keep them dry and keep the family warm for the rest of this winter and the next. “I was very impressed – I’m planning to buy the same Tiger Log Store for my Dad next Christmas.”

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