Brian and Sylvia’s Shrine to Pop Culture

Published: 23/08/2021

When Brian Holgate sent us his photos of his Tiger Corner Summerhouse, it’s fair to say we were very impressed and wanted to know more. Brian is a retired plumber-gas fitter who likes nothing more than relaxing and listening to music. He also enjoys amateur photography – and the photos of his Summerhouse highlight its personality and colour. Brian and his wife, Sylvia, have just had their 30th wedding anniversary. So, what better way to celebrate it than by building a Summerhouse to relax in? In this Customer Spotlight, Brian tells us all about their Tiger garden building…

Why did you choose Tiger Sheds?

“I chose Tiger Sheds after looking locally and not seeing anything suitable. “Then I came across your website and was impressed by the design and quality. As we don’t have a big garden, your smallest Corner Summerhouse was perfect! “I liked it straight away, so I showed it to my wife and she loved it too, so we decided to purchase one.”

How did you put up the Summerhouse – was it easy and how long did it take?

“My brother-in-law Chris helped me put it together and it was very easy to build. It only took about four hours.”

How do use your Summerhouse?

“We use it all the time! I love to listen to music or read in it while Sylvia watches her soaps. It’s great for getting out of the sun for some shade on hot days. “The grandkids love it too and are usually playing on their phones in there. I wouldn’t do without it – it’s my place to escape, relax and chill. I even have a small heater in there. So, if it’s a bit chilly, I can still escape for a bit of peace and quiet – I couldn’t live without it now. “We live in the countryside in North Yorkshire, so it’s lovely listening to the sheep, birds and the village clock ringing while having a coffee and relaxing in our lovely summerhouse.”

Did you add any accessories to your purchase?

“We added glass windows on purchase, and I put in electricity once we assembled it.”

We love the mid-20th century pop culture references in (and on) your summerhouse. What inspired you to decorate it in this way?

“I decorated it with my wife, Sylvia. “We both decided to give it a 50s/60s/70s theme because that’s what we’re in to. I love that period. I particularly love Manchester United and Led Zeppelin. My wife, Sylvia, loves Elvis and has a thing for bright and inviting colours, so the Summerhouse is a mix of both our personalities. “And since we planned to spend a lot of time in the Summerhouse, it seemed only right that it reflects who we are and what we like to do.”

Are you happy with how it turned out – has it changed the look or feel of your garden, or has it altered how you use it?

“We are really pleased with our Summerhouse, and it looks great on our decking. Most people who see it are always impressed and say they wish they had one! “I happily recommended Tiger Sheds to all our family and friends.”

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