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Can Log Cabins be used All Year Round?

Published: 17/07/2020

Can log cabins be used all year round? Making the most of your outdoor space can lead you down the path of investing in a garden building, which can help you enjoy your garden no matter the season. One of the more popular options that people choose is the log cabin, creating a useful, versatile space which can embrace the positive benefits of the outdoors whilst also retaining the advantages of a secure building. Provided you have a good quality log cabin, you can use it all year round for a variety of uses, but its important to know what to look for when buying a log cabin that means you can utilise it all year round.

What should you look for when choosing a log cabin for all seasons?

There are a number of factors which make a log cabin suitable for use no matter the weather, from bright, sunny days to sudden downpours and even snow over winter. We’ve broken these down into three main areas which represent key features that log cabins should have so they can withstand the weather and be used all year round.

Insulation Keeping your log cabin comfortable in terms of temperature is relatively simple in summer, with the shade it provides keeping the interior cool plus open windows and doors providing a welcome breeze.

Ensuring your cabin stays warm in the winter is the real challenge though, so you’ll want to look for a cabin that has proper insulation, usually in the form of thick, high-quality timber used for the structure. You can also add additional insulation to flooring and roof where the timber is slightly thinner if you live in a particularly cold location, as this can help retain even more heat without detracting from any square footage of the floor space.

Window glazing

Having large windows for your log cabin is an appealing feature, allowing light to flood the interior space and create a bright, airy atmosphere. But one drawback of having big windows is that they can lead to rapid heat loss if they aren’t glazed and sealed properly.

This can turn your lovely cabin space into an icebox quite quickly if the weather turns, so it’s well worth investing in a cabin from a company who will ensure the windows are up to spec. Our windows feature high-quality glazing which is factory silliconed and internally beaded to all the doors and windows, so you can feel confident a Tiger Sheds’ log cabin will keep as much heat in as possible. We also offer an upgrade to double glazing if you want to improve the heat retention of your cabin windows even further.

Draught-proofing & weather-proofing

When you think of log cabins, you might assume that they struggle to keep the wind out on particularly gusty days which can make your cabin less comfortable during the colder months. Rain can also be a source of worry all year round, from April showers to thunderstorms in summer.

While that might be the case for poorly put together cabins, Tiger Sheds log cabins use a 4-way chamfered notch-joint system which ensures that all the timber is snug and creates a tight fit. This helps to reduce the chance for the wind to penetrate through the walls and rain to get through to cause damp to develop. It can also be worth looking for weatherproof, heavy-duty floor joists – raising up and supporting the floor of a cabin – which can protect against damp which can creep in at ground level.  Build quality plays a key role in letting you maximise the usage of your log cabin at any time of the year, keeping the space warm, draught-free and resisting anything that the British weather might throw at it. This means you can set it up as anything from a yoga studio to a home office or cosy library space with the peace of mind that you can use it whenever you wish. You’ll also find that some specialist companies, like Tiger Sheds, will use sustainably sourced timber to produce the cabins and offer a long guarantee so you can feel reassured that you’ll be able to enjoy your log cabin for years to come. You can find our full range of log cabins here so you can choose the perfect log cabin to fit whatever sized garden you have.

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