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10 Ways to Add Kerb Appeal for Under £100

Published: 06/06/2018

A picture of a couple of cottages, garden, white picket fence, tree and flowers

Your home's kerb appeal is the first part of your house to make a great impression, so make sure people want to enter - including potential buyers - to see what the rest of your home is like! Keep reading to find out simple things you can do to your home which will instantly increase your home's kerb appeal...

1. Wash down your driveway. 

Wash down your driveway for instant curb appeal. Just think about it. Your driveway is the first thing that someone will see. So if you want to impress guests, or potential buyers, take some time to sweep and wash down the driveway until it's gleaming. Alon Barzilay, founder and CEO of Barzilay Development, says, 'As a professional real estate developer one of the best tricks in the industry is to take a garden hose and wash down your driveway. When driveways are wet, they look great for taking photos for real estate marketing and they are perfect for kerb appeal for an open house.' Such a simple and yet effective tip!

2. Plant flowers which are bright red and yellow. 

Add in colorful flowers for increasing curb appeal.

If you're unsure on how to give the front of your home an instant spruce of life then consider planting some bright flowers for an instant pop of colour! Co-Founder of Barzilay Development discussed how the colour of the flowers you plant can draw people in; 'Planting flowers, especially bright red and yellows, that are clustered together at key locations such as a mailbox, entry door, or sidewalk pathway will create eye catching pops of color. There's a reason why McDonald's uses those colors to grab your attention from the road.'

3. Add a new number to the front door and paint the garage door. 

Paint garage door for increasing curb appeal. Although it seems pretty minor replacing your door number, a rusty or unsightly one can be off-putting. A brand new door number can have a bigger impact than you think. Your garage door will also have a huge part to play on your kerb appeal. Cracked or chipped paint looks like you don't take care of your garage, and if you don't take care of that then some people may assume you don't look after your whole home. Take time to freshen up your garage door, maybe in a colour that either matches your front door or a nice light pastel. Estate Agent Jamal Asskoumi, owner of CastleSmart.com, offered us his top tips for gaining kerb appeal;

  • Paint the garage door.
  • Add new numbers to the front door.
  • Create a front door path of pebbles or other stone.
  • Replace or add window frames.
  • Place ceramic pots either side of the front door.
  • Repave the driveway.

Great ideas which we think aren't too costly considering the impact that they will have!

4. Purchase, or even make, a stylish and eye catching letterbox. 

Replace or paint your letterbox for increasing your curb appeal.

A pretty letterbox can make a lot of difference, plus it instantly says to your visitor that you have taste and style. If you're a crafty person and you want to save money, consider painting or decorating the one you have or upcycling something in your home that would work as a letterbox. Real Estate Agent for BiggerPockets.com, Mindy Jensen, says, 'Get a new letterbox. A ratty, rusty old letterbox takes the whole house down a notch. A new one can be purchased for as little as £50'. Mindy also added that painting your front door, freshening up mulch and decluttering are also massive factors when increasing your kerb appeal!

5. Plant trees. 

Plant trees to increase your curb appeal.

If you're hoping to attract potential buyers then planting trees outside or around your home is definitely a good idea. Elizabeth Jenkins, expert in lending for real estate at Source Capital Funding, Inc. says; 'The best way to increase your 'Kerb Appeal' is to actually increase the value of your property through permanent garden amenities. This can be done through the planting of trees on the perimeter of the property and by adding bushes near the windows. As these trees and bushes grow, they will provide privacy, reduce runoff and lower energy costs. Together, the amenities from these trees and bushes will improve home value. When selling the home, you can note how the trees will grow to impact value in the long run and it can provide a unique selling proposition for your buyers.'

6. Install interesting and flattering outdoor lighting. 

Add in attractive outdoor lighting to increase curb appeal. Lighting is not only useful on a dark night when you're fumbling for your keys but it can also be an attractive addition to your home. Debi Meyer, President of Design with Distinction, says, 'Install interesting outdoor lighting - low voltage accent lighting to light up trees - accent lighting to illuminate & define a walking path - the finish on outdoor lighting should blend with coach lighting on garage as well as the front door hardware. Don't forget a fabulous light fixture either on the wall near the front door or hanging from the ceiling. Big is better than skimpy!'


  • Keep your driveway clean and spray down with water before taking images.
  • Plant bright flowers to add a pop of colour.
  • Clean or replace your front door number and paint the garage door.
  • Dress up or purchase a stylish and colourful letterbox.
  • Plant trees.
  • Install flattering and eye catching outdoor lighting.

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