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The Siberian | 44mm Log Cabin

By: Trevor Rushworth

Published: 11/09/2011

Terrific building, friendly and helpful customer service, and speedy prompt delivery

By: Trevor Rushworth

Published: 11/09/2011

Terrific building, friendly and helpful customer service, and speedy prompt delivery

By: Andrew Mellor

Published: 20/08/2011

I would just like to express my appreciation of the quality and completeness of the kit for my Siberian log cabin. I enjoyed the challenge of erecting it and was surprised to find that, despite its generous size, it is possible to do this single-handed.

By: roy clare

Published: 15/08/2011

quality service from start to finish and most importantly a great product...

By: Sheila Taylor

Published: 30/06/2011

It was an absolute pleasure buying my cabin from Tiger. I was kept d with every stage of the process, delivery time quoted was accurate and a very friendly staff. Delivery driver was prompt and was happy to oblige when I asked him to unload at the rear of my property (a cup of tea sweetened the deal!) Also, glad I ordered installation, which came a few days after deliery. They were extremely quick, came in the morning, I was in my cabin by the afternoon. Thank you so much.

By: Mr F Tetley

Published: 27/05/2011

Wow superb building, really good quality timber, looks a treat with the red shingles

By: S Lerone

Published: 05/05/2011

Excellent service, quality building. Nice one!

By: R. Peters

Published: 28/04/2011

Beautiful looking building and easy to build.


Published: 24/01/2011

Excellent product. Would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a log cabin/summerhouse. Purchased with 44mm timber and double glazing. Tis the beez neez and are extremely pleased.

By: Waldo - Standish - Wigan

Published: 23/01/2011

Got this great cabin just before Xmas (2010). The building is excellent. Everyone who has seen it has said how good it looks and how spacious it is. It was fairly easy to construct, though I'd recommend not building during the winter months. Anyway, here's a few pointers. Ground 0 - PLANNING Check your local council for planning permission. Though we didn't need planning permission, we had to leave 1 metre gap between the cabin and our boundry. That was just our council and yours may be different, but please check! The building is quite tall (but within our regs) and if you don't get on with your neighbours and you put it on the boundry, they could complain. Also let your neighbours know your plans. It's always good to keep them in the loop. We had no hassle with the neighbours, but that's not the same for everyone. 1 - DOUBLE GLAZING AND THICKER TIMBER Spend the extra and get double glazing. It makes a massive difference in keeping out the cold!!!! We got the 44mm timber. Again helps to insulate and really feels ultra-sturdy 2 - GOOD BASE IS ESSENTIAL. We got Ecomix to pour a base for us. Cost about £200 for a 13x11 foot base at five inches deep. We got the 10x12 foot building. Always allow a good six inches around all sides of the cabin. We also lined the base with visqueen. 3 - ORGANISE When the cabin arrives, it's wrapped in a plastic sheet. It will arrive on a HIAB, make sure you have room for delivery(the sales team will advise) It's packed tightly in a single stack, with the roof on top, and base at the bottom, so you unpack in reverse order of the build. Have some space ready to group the building components together. E.G., place roof, wall and door components seperatley so each stage of the build is easier. 3 - Pre-coat (This was an afterthought!) Try and coat every surface that is outfacing in the treatment of your choice. May take time, but it's worth it. 4 - TAPPING BLOCK The logs interlock, they fit well, but they may require a light tap down with a soft mallet and a wooden block to ensure a good snug fit. 5 - TWO MAN TEAM Though it can be constructed by one person. Two is better. We built in winter and the day was short. Though between two, we managed the main construction in about 6 hours. 6 - FELT AND COLD IS A BAD MIX If like us you build in the cold,be aware the felt for the roof does not flex well when cold. Be careful! 7 - KEEP THE PLASTIC The plastic sheet packaging can be used as a temporary roof cover if the weather turns bad and you don't have time to get the felt on! 8 - TREAT Get a good coat of preservative on as soon as you can. Use something that soaks right into the timber. Pay attention to the end grains of the logs. 9 - ENJOY Crack open a few frosty ones, and enjoy your fantastic erection!(no pun intended) It's a great building, you won't regret the purchase. BTW. We have had two building from Tiger Sheds now, and on both occasions, the delivery chap was ultra helpful with hints and tips. Nice work TS delivery team! :) The sales team were also very professional and exceptionally helpful. This review has been more taxing than the build itself and I hope it's useful to you guys thinking of a purchase! THAT IS ALL!

By: Bridget

Published: 13/12/2010

Wow! Love my Siberian Tiger... going up easily as I write, and the tips from reviewers have been useful. The website now places more emphasis on the fact that you can bespoke your cabin, which I did. I guess customers like me may drive them nuts, but there was nothing that the excellent office staff couldn't handle. The cabin took as long as stated to manufacture arrived in the time slot one or two boards were broken but the nice Tiger people are generous with spares. My tips - if you use imperial measurements, check that the metric equivalent which is the build measurement, gives you what you want - particularly if you bespoke. And particularly if like me you have never measured anything seriously before - don't forget the interior/exterior measurements allowing for interlocking. Also, I thought standard measurements are described 'W x L', but Tigers are 'L x W' which I guess is made clear in the pictures, but it's worth noting. And, once you get to Siberian size and wood weight, a second person is a real asset for handling doors, windows and roof. Thank you Tigers, the Siberian is fantastic. Love it, love it.

By: Karl Wooller

Published: 11/11/2010

I love my Siberian Log Cabin. Great service. It is spacious, and I found it easy to erect. Unfortunately we are moving home, so I need to buy another one when we get settled. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

By: Claire Johnson

Published: 23/10/2010

Me and my husband love this product! Thank you Tiger Sheds for the excellent service!

By: james

Published: 22/07/2010

Fantastic cabin!!! one of the best around for this price range. looks great and very easy to put u, though i have had more detailed instructions come with an kinder egg toy! so make sure you ask if theres anything your not sure about or watch the video on here (the vid really helps). other than that it will be the best purchase you have ever made :)

By: John Holland

Published: 06/01/2010

I put the cabin up by myself in about 2 days (12x12 Siberian). The gables and the glazed sections were a bit tricky as they were heavy. The best method I found was to remove the doors before erecting. I used the shingles and found the instructions lacking but suggest you ensure you fully read the instructions and get Tiger Box to send additional info, problem is the green roof, using the suggested method, comes out black and green. Saying that cabin looks great, it stays dry and is a nice relaxing place to pass the time. Really great product, great value and fun to build.

By: Fred Moss

Published: 23/11/2009

The building really caught my eye on your fantasic website. Really helpful over the phone when I had a few questions about the cabin. The cabin was delivered promptly by a friendly driver who really helped us out. Absolutely delighted now that it is up and only took a day and half to assemble including the shingles (which are a great addition). Brilliant service!

By: Mr James

Published: 17/11/2009

Thought I'd leave a message regarding my new log cabin. Went with the 12'x14' Siberian. Extremely pleased with the product. I was a tad scepticle to begin with, but all the info I was told over the phone along with the extra info you sent me through the post really helped me make a decision and a good one it turned out to be. This is a great cabin. I'm especially impressed with the quality of the Dbl Glazed Windows and Doors which I opted for, which are outstanding quality.

By: Andrew Pritchard

Published: 11/11/2009

I've had a Shiplap Apex shed and a Siberian Cabin now from you and on both times I have found the service and merchandise to be exceptional. Nice to be able to count on a company for all round quality. Cheers again, A. Pritchard


Published: 28/10/2009


By: paul t

Published: 19/10/2009

The siberian log cabin i purchased was superb quality i could not recommend it enough.The delivery driver was excellent,the whole transaction was very good

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