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The Lakra | 44mm Log Cabin

By: Chris Williams

Published: 28/03/2018

Just had my Lakra 18ft x 12ft cabin installed and, lets be honest, its a thing of beauty! Really nice product. Very pleased I chose Tiger Sheds (TS) for my Log Cabin Now the practical stuff- 1. Had a very accurate design requirement, including landscaping the garden and making the log cabin foundation fit in with the paths, flower beds, awkward fence lines (not square), etc. Got very good information from TS on the exact design of the cabin, which allowed me to squeeze it right into a corner. Information on the web site was very useful, including space needed for installation. But got good service from TS on additional information 2. Delivery was on-time and helpful in getting the pallet positioned where I needed it. The wood is untreated so it needs to be protected from the weather until it is installed. The pallet arrived fully covered for this purpose. A few of the roof and floor boards were damaged but TS supplied replacements promptly, ensuring the installation could go ahead to schedule 3. Used TS's Pro Installation and, if you are considering a cabin of this size, I would recommend you do the same. In my area (Worksop) the Pro installation team was Dave Bennett and his assistant Ryan. Did a really good job, particularly fitting the cabin into the right position, tight to the corner of the foundation, fence posts and aligning to the paving slabs. Now the bits you need to be aware of. These points are listed somewhere on the web site but you could easily miss them and, subsequently, be upset and unhappy with TS- 1. The log cabins are made from completely untreated timber (except for the base struts in contact with the foundation). TS will not recommend wood treatment (other than in general terms) so it is down to you to decide how you want to treat the timber.... and get it done before the cabin gets wet! Although TS will not recommend proprietary wood treatment, I will, as follows- a) 2 coats of Ronseal Total Wood Preservative (clear) This will protect against rot, woodworm, discolouration, etc. and does not inhibit subsequent treatment (paint, oil, etc.). However, it is not waterproof and does not give a nice satin or gloss finish. So, you need to follow this with- b) 2 coats of Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus. This is a coloured finish so you need to decide what 'stain' you want the cabin finished in. This treatment IS waterproof and leaves the wood with a satin (or semi gloss) finish. This finish is good for washing the cabin (particularly useful for removing birds sh) Be aware, unless you cut corners, this is going to cost you around £240 in materials alone 2. When the cabin arrives it is your responsibility to remove it from the pallet, count and inspect every piece!!!! If you fail to do this then the installing team may not be able to install the cabin. I was fortunate in that I had to move the cabin from my drive to the rear of the house and, in doing so, found a few floor and roof panels were damaged. Now if you find yourself in the same situation I recommend you- a) Carefully remove the protective cover from the pallet (you are going to need this later to re-cover the material before installation) b) Photograph the damaged items, list them and immediately get in touch with TS. They will promptly send out replacement parts c) Re-palletise the cabin in the order you removed it from the pallet originally d) Re-cover it to protect it from weather until it is installed 3. If your base is not perfectly flat (and I mean 'perfectly flat' to millimetre accuracy) you will find that the door frames and window frames will distort and may well cause the doors and windows to jam. Providing you are competent with a wood chisel and sander this is no big deal...... but be aware! 4. Installation does not include fitting the guttering. Again, no big deal but just be aware I hope this information is of help. If I had known some of these points it would have made the process a lot less stressful... even though the end result is well worth it

By: Mark Schofield

Published: 08/05/2015

This design is stunning and looks fantastic now erected in the garden! I need to finish off the decor but plan to use the space to work, realx and even for some storage. Happy with the service and quality of the product as well.

By: Cathy

Published: 29/04/2014

Bought the building to transform into a beautiful outdoor garden room! Very happy with the product and the service. Thanks!

By: Ian W

Published: 05/01/2013

Bought this cabin so my wife and I have a quiet place to work away from the house. Great product, both very pleased with how it looks now it's been erected and painted. Have already reccemended this product to all my friends and family!

By: Jack

Published: 12/09/2012

Just needed some extra room to work in and the log cabin is perfect for that! Great quality and fantastic customer service. Very pleased with both the product and the company.

By: Hector Jones

Published: 30/11/2011

Superbly accommodating of my design and needs, great quality, can't go wrong

By: Mr Gregory Tinton

Published: 06/10/2011

Couldn't believe my luck when I found Tiger. Exactly the type of building we were after, and it was in the sale!! Then to put the icing on the cake-free delivery! Excellent service Tiger!

By: Andy

Published: 09/09/2011

Bought this cabin as we needed a nice outdoor space in summer, and we love it. The outdoor shelter was the appeal of this building, as we can have a barbecue even when it's raining. Great service throughout, I was called before delivery, and the installation happened the same week. Really good quality, strong and it looks great. Well happy!

By: Janet Freeman

Published: 06/09/2011

We bought this building for the kids to use during summer, and I think I love it as much as them! The quality of the building is so lovely, the problem is working out what colour to paint it! Really excellent building and feels like it will last forever, thank you Tiger Sheds

By: Janet Freeman

Published: 06/09/2011

We bought this building for the kids to use during summer, and I think I love it as much as them! The quality of the building is so lovely, the problem is working out what colour to paint it! Really excellent building and feels like it will last forever, thank you Tiger Sheds

By: Mr Ronald Snow

Published: 04/09/2011

Marvellous building, well worth the money and even worth paying a little extra for the shingles as I think it looks top notch. A pleasure doing business with Tiger Sheds

By: Patricia Upworth

Published: 20/05/2011

I really like the uniqueness of this building it really is quite different to anything I could find for such a good price. Couldn't believe my luck with free delivery even to the south coast. I will definitely be recommending tiger sheds to my friends and family. Thanks guys

By: Mike higgins

Published: 22/11/2010

Amazing accuracy of fitting, it was like building a Lego Hut & actually fun to build. The very robust & the compact style of this cabin suited my Garden perfectly. Tiger were very helpful with back up information on the build when required & deliver time was spot on. I would not hesitate to recommend this hut or Tiger as supplier of Log Cabins. regards Mike Higgins.

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