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Do I need planning permission for my Log Cabin? | Tiger Sheds

Published: 17/05/2016

Not sure if you need to gain planning permission for your cabin? Have no idea how to go about getting it? In this blog post you will find information on how to find out if you need planning permission and how to go about gaining it... Do I need to get planning permission? So you’ve seen a product that you love and you can’t wait for it to be in your garden. Before you go ahead with anything, you should first consider if your new log cabin will need planning permission, so we've created a useful infographic which we hope can help you to understand a little further if you need planning permission. Planning Permission Inforgraphic V2

How to apply Few things to do before actually applying…

  • Seek pre-application advice: Before you actually apply for planning permission it’s strongly advised to gain some pre-application advice, which generally is an informal discussion about your plans. This can really help to prevent delays later down the line. You can gain this advice from your local planning authority, however, for most authorities it does cost. Before even doing this we would advise to carry out at much research as possible on planning permission, just so you feel a little more ‘in-the-know’.
  • Make sure you know which application to choose: Before going ahead with your application you must be aware of which application you should choose (such as full planning consent and listed building consent) which you will need to know later down the line, otherwise your application may be invalid. You can gain some help with this again from your local planning authority.
  • Be aware of what will be expected to submit: To again prevent delays make sure you’re aware of what will be expected of you to submit. Generally, you will need to submit necessary plans of the site, the required supporting documentation, the completed form and fee. Please view the Planning Portal here for more information on this.
  • Speak to your neighbour. Let your neighbours know about the work you intend to carry out to your property. As you can imagine, if they suddenly see builders or work going on next door they may start to get worried as to how this would affect them. For example, if it will block out light from their garden or get in the way of a pretty view. To settle any concerns it could be a great idea to chat through your plans with your neighbour(s), even if it’s just to comfort their concerns.
  • Contact the owner of the land if it isn't you. 

Where do I apply? In basic, it is strongly encouraged to apply for planning permission using the Planning Portal. The Planning Portal was established by UK government in 2002 to allow planning applications in England and Wales to be processed electronically   If you have any more questions regarding planning permission then why not tweet to us @TigerSheds.

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