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Published: 03/04/2023

Tiger Potting Shed with outdoor garden clock, plants, bunting

Whatever the size of your garden space, there are lots of flexible garden buildings and gardening products that have been cleverly designed to make your life as a gardener that little bit easier.

So, whether you want somewhere to store your gardening tools, grow your own vegetables, plants or create a mini herb garden, there is something for everyone, no matter what you need and however big or small your garden space is.

As well as spaces for storing gardening equipment, we also offer fabulous potting sheds for keeping all your plants in a nurturing and productive environment. These plant storage sheds are roomy and equipped to let you store everything you need for healthy plant cultivation all in one place. There’s even room for a chair when you fancy a well-deserved cuppa after all that hard work.

A Perfect Potting Shed

This is truly the best space for any gardener who grows seeds and pots up seedlings on makeshift tables, because it comes complete with a tall internal shelf table which is just at the right height to make gardening that little bit more comfortable. It's high on the dream garden addition list and makes a peaceful and bright space to plot and plan or have a cuppa on a rainy day.

Tiger Potting Shed with planters, herbs and flowers

Tiger Potting Sheds | Garden Potting Shed | Tiger Sheds

Tiger Potting Shed interior painted in cream with table and chairs and wall hangings

You can even paint your Tiger to harmonise with your garden or create a powerful effect with a muted colour such as grey, white or even black.  Paint your shed’s inner and outer wood all the same colour to create a seamless, calming aesthetic.

Tiger Potting Shed with bench in front and autumn leaves

It’s easy to organise storage in a Tiger Potting Shed too, with plenty of internal wall space for adding shelves and hooks, it won’t let you down.

Tiger Potting Shed internal with wood shelves and gardening tools hanging from the ceiling, with planters

Low Maintenance But High Impact

A carefully selected corner shed can provide just what you need.

The Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed is available in a compact 6'x6' size, allowing it to be easily tucked away in the corner of your garden. It’s got ample storage and a place to sit too.   You can enjoy the easy access of extra-large double doors, that open to a highly durable space, bolstered by high-grade 12mm finish shiplap tongue-and-groove cladding, which is ideal for all types of garden storage, DIY and horticultural activities such as planting and potting.

Tiger Deluxe Corner Garden Shed with windows and double doors, internal shelves, tiled patio with barrel table and stool, plant pots

Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed, wooden garden room, deck chairs and posters on shed wall with potted yellow flowers

Corner Shed | Wooden Corner Garden Sheds | Tiger Sheds

Garden sheds are hugely popular for their versatility and their light, airy, multi-purpose spaces they bring to people's gardens.

You can buy sheds with or without windows, but most common shed windows are made of cheap and lightweight styrene (more commonly known as Perspex) but can be upgraded to glass or toughened glass for increased durability and insulation.  Styrene is difficult to clean and prone to mist.

It’s worth knowing that all Tiger Sheds are fitted with 3mm toughened glass and come with a free door pull, lock and key as standard!

Apex sheds are perhaps the most popular shed design in the UK, with a stylish look and increased headroom down the pitched centre of the shed's interior where the roof’s point is at its highest.

Tiger Shiplap Apex Wooden Garden Shed with Windows and internal storage space on decked patio and purple flowers

Pent sheds offer a more contemporary look, with a roof that slopes from a high point at one side of the shed to a lower point at the other. A pent roof allows water to flow freely away from the shed, and by adding guttering you can divert water into a water butt – always handy for your garden.

Both Apex and Pent shed designs are also available in TigerFlex® which is the original modular shed design, allowing you to place your door and windows wherever you choose.  The great thing about modular sheds is their adaptability so you really can design your shed to suit your space.

You can read more about TigerFlex® Sheds | Tiger Sheds by clicking on the link.

Tiger TigerFlex Pent Wooden Garden Shed in garden with two windows, wooden deck, grass, garden fence

Maximum Storage with Minimal Garden Space

Tiger Tall Tool Tower Wooden Garden Shed with Apex Roof, Single Door and watering can and gardening tools hanging from the walls

If you’re short on space, then The Tiger Tool Tower is a great Tool Shed that’s sturdy and offers plenty of tall storage.  Simply fit it with some wall mounted shelves or add hooks to hang your tools.

Tiger Tall Tool Tower Wooden Garden Shed with Apex Roof, hand painted in brown with lemon tree, garden with lavender and red brick wall, bushes and wooden trellis with flowering plants

Perfect Planters

Another idea to maximise your gardening space is to build some planters where you can grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs to your hearts content.  You could even paint them different colours to add some magic into your space.

Planters are great for making your front garden more welcoming or brightening up your back garden with a colourful mix of your favourite blooms.

Tiger Wooden Flower Planters on patio with log cabin

Raised Planter 28mm | Tiger Sheds

A Tiger Wooden Garden Shed with planters, purple and white flowers with long grasses and herbs

Store More

Look at this fantastic storage in a Tiger XL Workshop.  Fitted with Two Tier Staging shelving and making full use of the walls and internal roof trusses, it’s a gardener’s dream.

Tiger XL Workshop Wooden Shed with two tier workbench, metal storage unit and tools hanging from walls, ladders propped up against the wall

Storage in your garden isn’t just about keeping your garden furniture or tools, you may also want to think about some neat storage for your bikes and wheelie bins too. These stylish items will quickly help tidy up your garden keeping your bikes secure and your unsightly household waste and recycling bins aways from pests and high winds!

TIger Pent Bike Store painted in blue with potted orange flower 

Tiger Apex Wooden Bike Shed with two bikes stored inside and helmets, garden, patio, grass

Bike Storage | Metal & Wood | Tiger Sheds

Tiger Double Wheelie Bin Store, wooden deck, ferns

Tiger Sheds

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Planning your Perfect Space

You can add your own personality and style to your perfect space with one of our handcrafted garden buildings. Anything from just adding an extra window in one of our heritage designs, you need a low-roof version with a reduced height under 2.5m, to something completely original… it’s fine with us.  Door and windows can be placed where you need them to be to make the most of your garden space and get the best of the sunlight.

Contact Us - High Quality Sheds and Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

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There are so many ways in which you can enhance your garden and gardening space.  Also, making a shed or garden room work harder in your space by making it multifunctional is also a great option.  Why not use the shed to house garden furniture in the winter, then open out into a bar for garden parties and alfresco sundowners in the summer months. Cheers to that idea!

All Tiger garden buildings are strong and built to last. Including fully boarded roofs and floors, along with security fittings and pre-hung doors and windows to keep your plants, your equipment, and your gardening gear safe and sound.

At Tiger, our complete gardening collection is packed with products to make your life as a gardener that little bit easier, with high-quality, well-designed garden buildings and products for you to store your gardening gear, stash your trowels, and even grow your plants in.

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