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Five ways to cheer up your shed! | Tiger Sheds

Published: 19/06/2015

Are you looking for simple ways to spruce up your shed? Then take some tips from our ‘Five ways to cheer up your shed’ post and give your shed a breath of fresh air this summer.

 1. Get creative with flower arrangements 

Everyone likes to be given flowers and that includes your garden shed! Now that summer is coming a great way to make your shed feel beautiful is by adding some stunning garden flowers and unique flower arrangements. We spoke to an online company called ‘Interflora’ who provided some inspiring images from previous customer’s bespoke flower arrangements which would work perfectly with your garden shed:

A stunning heart wreath would look perfect hung up at the front of your shed...
Summer Heart Flower Wreath  

...or this wreath which is ideal for spring!

Spring Flowers Wreath

Beautify a bird feeder with your favourite selection of flowers!

Summer Bird Cage Flower Arrangement

2. Get Decorative 

Garden décor is a really fun way to cheer up any shed! No matter what your taste is there are thousands of stunning and unusual items online which will give your shed an instant mood lift. Depending on your budget you could go all out and decorate your shed area with statues and beautiful ornaments but you can also add smaller items which will still have a huge impact. Wayfair have a great selection of unique and adorable items to bring a new lease of life to your garden space. We think that a stunning bird feeder can brighten up any shed and love the great selection that online website Wayfair offer. Our two favourites is the Fallen Fruits Wall Bird Feeder and the Ascalon Bird Feeder because both have a stunning and rustic charm about them

. Fallen Fruits Brown Wall Bird Feeder   Ascalon Briown Bird Feeder

3. Grow your own

Another great way to transform your shed and garden is to put up some raised beds and grow your very own vegetables. Even better, you can push the beds against the shed so not only does it give your shed a new look and purpose it can also work as protection for your delicious vegetables against wind etc.

Wooden Raised Beds

Harrod Horticultural provided us with some great benefits on using raised beds to grow vegetables:

  • Improved drainage & soil structure;
  • Increase rooting depth;
  • You can work at a comfortable height (especially handy for wheelchair users and those with back problems);
  • Cloches, tunnels or frames can easily be erected over the beds;
  • No need to walk on the soil - reduced soil compaction;
  • Close planting creates micro climate;
  • Can be used as stylish flower planters.

Harrod Horticultural have a great selection of elegant and robust Wooden Raised Beds and the easy to assemble plastic Link-a-Bord Kits. Perfect to give both your shed and garden a new lease of life and purpose.

4. Accessorise your shed with Summer Plants

Interflora have some stunning summer plants which would look perfect placed outside your shed and instantly bring your garden and shed together. Appleyard London  have  a gorgeous range of summer plants which will bring an abundance of colour to your shed. A Summer Calla Lily Plant displays lush greenery and deep pink blooms, perfect for bringing colour to your garden shed, work area or storage; whatever reason you use your shed for! Callalily Flower Arrangement with plant pot

Introduce a Summer Lavender Plant to your shed and discover a sweet, floral aroma every time you enter.

Lavender plant with plant pot

In an exclusive offer for Tiger Shed readers, Appleyard London are giving you the chance to enjoy £5.00 off all summer plants with discount code Tiger5.  Visit to claim your discount and cheer up your garden shed.

5. Lighting

Now summer is here for those who use your sheds as a workshop you can continue working until the late hours before it goes dark. But once winter comes back around make sure you have lighting in your shed so you can continue to make the most of your space. Mr Beams  offer battery censored lights which would work perfect for lighting a shed and prevent you from spending hours trying to find something at night. Even better, as they're battery powered this means there is no need to have mains running from your property to your shed, simple to install and of course as we are cheering our sheds up they're aesthetically pleasing.  

Mr Beams Ceiling Light White  

If you're searching for more ways that you can transform your shed and garden space then why not read our great ideas for your playhouse for inspiration on reinventing your child's play area. Let us know how you plan to #cheerupyourshed and share #yourtigershed with us @TigerShed   

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