Cooking with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has grown massively over the past couple of years as it’s such a versatile product, which can be used during cooking, in coffee and it even works as a great moisturiser for your face and body!

Here are some great ways that anyone can use coconut oil to lead a healthier (and tastier) lifestyle…

It can add subtle flavour to ethnic dishes. 


Freda Gore, Chef and Tour Host for Caribbean Culinary Tours Vacations and Retreats says, ‘I use coconut oil in cooking because of its high heat tolerance and its delicate, not overpowering flavour.

I love the way it gives a perfect hint of coconut flavor to ethnic dishes, like my Caribbean Coconut Curry Chicken recipe.

It’s also really great in baked goods and gives a great flaky texture to pie crust, desserts and confections.

In following the old tradition; coconut oil is also great warmed up and used as a massage oil, or as a skin and hair moisturiser.’

Great to use for sauteing vegetables.  


Ken Immer, former French trained Chef who has become a healthy foods educator at Culinary Health Solutions, says, ‘ The best ways I would recommend using coconut oil in cooking is to mix it with other oils when cooking – a good mixture is 1/3 coconut oil, 1/3 sunflower oil, 1/3 sesame oil.

Great for sauteing vegetables and browning meats!

I recommend purchasing only high quality, extra virgin coconut oils for cooking. Overly processed oils lose their flavor and some of the health benefits.

Also, there is a new “always liquid” coconut oil on the market which is fractionated in a way that removes the health benefits as well, so I don’t recommend buying that (or any of the aerosol coconut oils as well).’

Use it in place of all the fats and oils which you already have in your diet. 


Melinda Parrish, who’s a plus size model with Ford Models says, ‘I love cooking with coconut oil because it’s one of those ingredients that when you get in a groove with it can really transform your approach to food!

The easiest way to start infusing coconut oil into your diet is to use it in place of the fats and oils already in your diet, like butter, margarine, and olive oil.

It is a solid until melted, and will solidify again as it cools down. So it’s not as good in things like salad dressing, which need to be more viscous at room temp. But it’s great as a spread, or to saute, roast, and/or fry things in.’

Excellent for creating a perky cup of coffee. 


Luke, an avid user of coconut oil, uses it to add to his coffee!

‘I’ll  put a small scoop in my coffee if I need a boost for the day — I prefer coconut milk for this, but coco oil works just as well (and is better to keep you going throughout the day, look up Bulletproof coffee).’

Read a little about Bulletproof coffee here if you’re intrigued…

Great addition for creating healthier meal choices. 


Polly who works for Myprotein, informed us of this fantastic recipe they have on there website using coconut oil; Low-Carb Lunch Recipe – Chicken & Avacado.

Which we think sounds like a fantastic recipe idea for people who are keen to eat healthier but still want some yummy ideas for meals!

Can be used as a beauty benefit!


Coconut oil can be the perfect product to use for your skin, teeth and hair:

  • To soothe dry hands (not ideal for on the go)
  • As a highlighter for your face
  • As a body moisturiser
  • To strengthen hair

Rebecca Lewis, in-house RD at HelloFresh, says, ‘Coconut oil is an intensive conditioning treatment for dry or damaged hair. Bonus, it also repels water – so it keeps the frizz out of your hair!

You can also use it as a body moisturiser to soften your skin as well as promote the hydration of your skin by locking in moisture – it’s even great as a form of lip moisturiser -plus, it smells so nice!’

Several studies have shown that coconut oil can prevent damage, scalp inflammation and even help to prevent hair loss. This article from Hair Loss Revolution discusses research on coconut oil’s effect on hair, and includes some handy recipes for coconut oil shampoo and treatments.

Aedan, who works for Buy Whole Food Online, lists some other health benefits that you can gain from coconut oil, ‘Great for weight loss, building muscle, hair care, prevent gum disease and tooth decay, improves energy, endurance, brain function, immune system, heart disease and high blood pressure.’


Seems as though you can get away with using coconut oil as almost anything to become part of your health and beauty regime!

Where to buy it from…

£5.99 from Holland and Barret.

£5.99 from Asda. 

£2.54 from Boots. 

£9 Urban Outfitters. 

£1.98 Morrison’s. 

Share your tips!

Do you have any top tips for using coconut oil, whether it’s to add to a recipe or for using in a beauty regime, we would love to know how you use it!

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