Upcycling in your Garden: Alternative Plant Pots

The start of spring is officially here! The days are getting longer, and the sun is beginning to shine (slowly but surely!) and it’s time to get out in the garden. Whether you’re a keen gardener with a green thumb, or you’re a complete novice there are plenty of ways to make the most out of your space. One such way of doing this is by upcycling. We all have bits and bobs in our house that we’re not quite ready to part with, but they are taking up valuable space… so why not upcycle them into something brand new and unique? 

One of the simplest ways of upcycling items for your garden is to make alternative plant pots. From old tin cans, to bottles and even newspaper, you can make cute plant pots out of almost anything!

 photo AlternativePlantPots2_zpsb6fbcbc6.jpg

Image designed by Mike Turner on behalf of Tiger Sheds

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To give an example, here’s how to make a plant pot out of newspaper (with the help of a tin can!):

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