Top 5 herb and plant based teas which help you sleep

Insomnia can kick in at any time of the year, however, around December many of us generally feel more stressed than usual, with all those presents to buy and festive events to attend. Which then leads to difficulty with sleeping, leaving us feeling drained, exhausted and run-down.

So we spoke with a selection of experts regarding which herbs and plants help you to relax and will therefore make the perfect bedtime tea choice, for a refreshing and rejuvenating night’s sleep!

1. Chamomile Tea


Kelly Zajac, owner of independent store Tudor House Tea & Spice, offers her advice on why Chamomile is a great herb to help you sleep.

”Chamomile tea is probably the most well-known sleepy tea. On its own it has a honey-like taste, and even the flowers themselves look like tiny, soft pillows.

A cup of chamomile brewed before bed will help lull you into a relaxed state of mind as well as help your body to release any extra fluids it might be holding on to, so be sure to visit the bathroom before bed so you’re not awakened by your bladder.”

2. Lavender Tea


Peter Bedard, talented life coach and hypnotherapist who specialises in addiction recovery, anxiety, and chronic conditions, discussed with us why drinking Lavender tea is an excellent choice for your bedtime drink.

”Lavender is a naturally soothing and calming flower.

Drink it on its own, blend it with another floral or green tea, and even add it to lemon bars, cookies, and sprinkle it on chicken!”

3. Jasmine Tea


Derek Hales, founder of Sleepopolis, told us his favourite choice of tea to enjoy just before sleep.

”I wouldn’t say I am a tea expert, but certainly a tea enthusiast and a sleep expert. I have been brewing loose leaf tea since college and experimented and enjoyed a wide variety.

My favorite by far is a blend I first discovered at Teavana (though it’s available in many places). It’s called Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls and in some places it’s simply known as Jasmine Phoenix Pearls.

It is a mixture of young green tea leaves scented with fresh jasmine. It’s extremely fragrant and utterly relaxing…so much so that I can never drink it in the morning. I only drink it late at night when I’m ready for bed.”

4. Passionflower Tea


Kelly Zajac also discussed with us how passionflower is a fantastic herb for helping with insomnia.

”Passionflower  is a great healing herb for those who suffer from adrenal issues.

One of the ways in which your adrenal glands show their distress is by waking you around 3:00 am. If this is a consistent problem for you, drink a cup of passionflower tea an hour to two hours before bedtime to help reset your adrenal glands. Stress depletes them, and lack of sleep creates stress, thus creating an unhealthy cycle.

This should not be used if pregnant as it also relaxes your muscles.”

5. Valerian Root Tea


Shawna Kunselman, Clinical Nutritionist, spoke with us about the root of valerian and how it can help improve your sleep.

”The root of valerian is the part of the plant used medicinally and can be prepared as a tea, tincture, or capsules.

Studies show that valerian can help you fall asleep faster and have higher quality sleep.

Some studies reveal that it may take a few weeks to have the full effect of valerian, however, other studies have shown that the effects may be immediately seen.”


Hopefully this post has inspired you with ideas for making some delicious teas,which will help you sleep well even when you’re stressed.

If you struggle with insomnia below are some helpful websites:




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