Things to do to get motivated whilst at work!

Do you ever struggle to feel motivated at certain points during the working day?

Here are some simple things that you can do to feel motivated if you start to lack drive at work!

Write a list of everything you’re looking forward to this year. 

It can be easy to overlook all the upcoming exciting activities that you have planned when you’re just going through the motions. However, in reality, you probably have a lot of nice things just around the corner which you’ve overlooked. Put things into perspective and remind yourself that it’s not all work and paying bills!

Make a list of all the things you’re really excited about doing this year. Holidays, days out, big trips, moving house etc. Whatever it is that makes you feel excited and happy, get it down on a piece of paper and put it up somewhere you always look at. That way, if you ever feel unappreciated, stressed or generally a bit low, then you can then look over this list and remind yourself that you do have some fun things happening really, really soon!

Keep a ‘positive’ email folder. 

If you work in an office job and tend to get a lot of formal or stern emails, then make sure to keep the light and happy emails in their very own ‘positive’ folder. In that way, when you need a pick-me-up you can read over the nice happy emails and feel like you’re doing a good job again!

Set aside time for small treats. 

For most people the working day is pretty long, and it can seem really daunting when you sit at your computer at 9am loading up all the weekend emails. So, set yourself some small goals to achieve daily.

For example, treat yourself to a nice coffee if you finish that spreadsheet, or set aside 5 minutes at 3pm to enjoy something sweet and yummy. In that way, you can have something small to look forward to every day. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the day special!

Make your workplace nice. 

It can be so easy to let everything pile on top of each other so your desk becomes unsightly and uncomfortable to work at.

Spend a couple of minutes cleaning your desk, organising folders and maybe even adding a nice, little bit of decor. This small task will not only make your working environment a lovely place to be, it will also be a satisfying a goal to make you feel productive!

Be organised. 

For some people, staying organised can make them feel really motivated and can result in them being more productive. Nice planners and diaries can help keep everything important together and make you feel composed.

Writing up a neat and realistic daily list can be really helpful if you’re in type of job where you can do this. Find joy in achieving those daily goals, even the smallest and really mundane tasks are still worthy of you feeling good about yourself.

Have a nice dinner. 

Dinner is generally a great time of the working day, so why spoil it by eating something that you just really don’t want?

It’s important to find the balance between eating something yummy and eating something healthy. You want to ensure that you’re getting enough energy so you will last through the whole day and not get any headaches or start to feel hungry again almost instantly, but you also want something that can make you feel excited

Prepare your dinner the night before if possible and try out different recipes. This can also make you feel more together and organised!

Other great blogs or ideas to help you feel positive 

Zoella – Be who you want to be. – If you have some time then give Zoella’s blog a read. She has some really inspiring messages which can help you feel positive and motivated at the work place.

The Book People – 50 Tips to Help You Stay Positive by Anna Barnes – A book filled with easy-t0-follow tips on staying positive.

Walking for Health –  View their website here – A great way to feel motivated is to enjoy more exercise. This website is filled with information on the benefits of walking, how you can get started and how your local health scheme can help.

The Positivity Blog – 25 Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself – Even more great tips and ideas on staying motivated at work.

A Rosie Outlook – Is the grass always greener? – Give this a read if you’re feeling a bit low, it’s a really nice honest read and pretty funny!


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