Plan your very own Staycation

We have put together some great ideas to plan your very own stay at home Staycation. Holidaying abroad during School holidays, with children can be very expensive, so we have put together this simple guide of how to do this at home and spending way less than 2 weeks in the Mediterranean would cost.


You can set out some definite rules for the staycation. By setting some ground rules, everyone in the house knows what they cannot do and then makes it easier to plan activities for all to enjoy.

  • No smart phone / emails
  • No computer or video games
  • No working from home
  • No fighting
  • Family time only—no independent activities or outside plans


Just like you would do for a real holiday, you need to plan your time. Failure to plan means you’re planning to fail. Set a budget to spend on the week at home; having money set aside for trips, activities or dining out make it a treat.

One way to plan what to do, is having everyone’s ideas on paper then popped into a jar. Each day you pick out a random piece of paper which has an activity on it. This makes each day exciting! Alternatively, you may prefer to know what is coming up therefore popping each idea onto the calendar would work too. As long as you are organised you will be able to enjoy activities without panicking.

Mum and baby on beach staycation

What to do?

There are many ideas of what you can do while on holiday; if you enjoy walking or trekking you may want to look into local hiking routes or if you prefer lazing by the beach, head to the coast and enjoy the British sunshine.

Here are just a few activity ideas to get your staycation started: –
  • Visit a local national park in your area which are usually free or charge a small entrance fee.
  • Amusement park trip can entertain children of all ages.
  • Virtual museum tours are fun and can be done from your own home. This does break the no computer rule however if it’s part of an activity we will allow it.
  • Zoo or Aquarium’s have lots to offer and are educational too.
  • Local fun days run by your local council are usually on offer during the school holidays. Check out your local council website for more information.
  • Visit the beach and take your bucket & spade as well as a raincoat. We can’t always guarantee the British weather but we can guarantee if you are all doing something together you will make memories.
  • Go swimming at your local swimming baths or lido if there is one nearby.
  • Dine out somewhere you don’t go often or somewhere completely new. Try different cuisine to your usual home cooking so it feels as though you are away.
  • Have a craft day making artwork for your home, friends or family.
  • Enjoy a pamper day either at a beauty salon or DIY salon at home with face masks and a foot spa.
  • Find a local music festival that the whole family can enjoy. Music has a way of setting in our minds to spark a memory which make great stories for the future.
  • Get outdoors; sometimes it’s just nice to be in your own garden enjoying the fresh air and freedom.

Crafts during staycation

Relax & Enjoy Your Time Out

For most people, letting go of everyday life, work, bills and schedules is difficult, but making the most of your time off is key to enjoying it.  Don’t do the washing for a week, if you were staying in a hotel you wouldn’t be able to. This is your time… so make the most of every second!

Children beach staycation

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