Our Top 10 #yourtigershed entries so far…

After starting our Shed of the Month competition this year, we got tons of great images come through using hashtag #yourtigershed

Here are our top 10 most popular pictures from our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so far!

10.  Artistically stenciled Tool Tower


9. Corner Shed at a Holiday Cottage


8. Like a daydream…


7. Flowers, flowers and more flowers!


6. Birthday Girl present

Birthday Girl 3

5. The ‘She Shed’

BeFunky Collage

4. His & Hers 


3. Doggy Salon…cute!

Dog Salon

2. Japanese Tea House! (Never seen a shed like this before)

Japanese Teahouse

1. Waking in a Winter Wonderland! – Stunning and festive image!

Winter Wonderland

Do you have Tiger Shed that you just can’t wait to show off? Then  share them with us over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest or email in sales@tigerbox.co.uk  #yourtigershed







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