Mother’s Day – High Street VS High End

Mother’s Day is nearly here so let’s do a High Street VS High End battle!

Let the fight commence!


Round 1 – Handbags

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High Street 

Carvela Annelise Lock Handbag, Kurt Geiger – Great price and a lovely day to day bag. Simple but very stylish.

House Of Fraser


View this product here.

High End 

Bayswater, Mulberry – You pay for what you get with Mulberry. This is one of their classic styles and would make an amazing gift!



View this product here.

The winner of Round 1 is HIGH STREET as the Kurt Geiger comes at a great price and makes a nice everyday bag. 

Round 2 – Lipsticks

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High Street

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish – All the beauty bloggers and vloggers are talking about this lipstick brand! Considering the price it could work really nice as a little ‘side’ gift.



View this product here.

High End

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick – Classy and as it comes in such a nice Dior packaging we think it would make a really nice ‘fancy’ gift!

John Lewis

£23.85 – £26.50

View this product here.

The winner of Round 2 is HIGH END as it look pretty fancy in the nice packaging! 

Round 3 – Candles

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High Street

Home Creame Heart Multiwick Candle – Considering the price this is such a nice little gift!



View this product here.

High End

Jo Malone London – Really trendy now and if your mum loves candles then this would be a really nice gift.



View this product here.

The winner of Round 3 is HIGH END because Jo Malone Candles are a really nice gift and worth the extra money. 

Round 4 – Flowers

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High Street

Gift Wrapped Pink Rose and Free Chocs – You get free chocs. FREE. Plus these are really nice flowers and packaged in nice pretty pink tissue which your mum will love.



View this product here.

High End

Rusty Reds – Very beautiful and dramatic. If your mum is really into her flowers and bouquets then it could be a great idea to spend a little more.

Moyses Stevens 

£75 (for regular)

View this product here.

The winner of Round 4 is HIGH STREET as not only do the flowers look great but you also get free chocs!

Round 5 (Final round) – Chocolates 

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High Street

Tesco Finest Giftwrap Chocolates – The packaging on this is really nice and feminine. Great price and would make an ideal extra gift.



View this product here.

High End

Harrods Luxury Belgian Selection – Mouth-watering just looking at these! Lovely packaging and nice assortment of chocolates.



View this product here.

The winner of Round 5 is HIGH END because it has lovely packaging and a nice assortment of chocolates. Perfect for mum!

The FINAL WINNER of the Tiger Sheds Mother’s Day High Street VS High End is….

…(drum roll please)…


Taa-dah there you go!

More ideas…

Looking for something a little more personal?

  • Make a photo collage
  • Pay for a meal at your mums favourite restaurant
  • Book her a hair appointment
  • Book her a spa day
  • Write her a poem and frame it
  • Create your own collage
  • Make your own origami

Share with us your Mother’s Day Gifts @TigerSheds




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