Make it happen on Women’s Day

  As many of you know, it’s International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March. A time when all around the world people celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.

Thanks to advanced technology, everyone can now take part; whether it’s from your computer, a donation, a walk or just simply raising awareness.

From blogs to vlogs to walks and talks… there’s so much happening!

Below are just some of the ways others are taking part to celebrate the achievements of women and set goals for the future.

In Liverpool

One of the events occurring in Liverpool is the Liverpool Girl Geeks campaign! It’s a slightly different cause, aiming to get more women involved in technology. Workshops for attendees of this event are designed to further their knowledge in technology, whilst promoting all the amazing work achieved by women within this industry. Chelsea Slater who helped organise the event discusses:

  ‘Our aim is to promote opportunities and provide guidance, support, mentorship and training to women who either work in these industries already or would like to progress, are looking to enter these industries or simply would like to know more to help their business grow. Also, we want to highlight the amazing work women are already doing!’

Enjoy the Theater in London!

From Southbank to the Museum of London Docklands, there are plenty of events taking place across London. Many events even last the whole weekend, such as the ‘Weekend of Women’, which celebrates International Women’s Day with a fantastic weekend of delicious food, drink, live music and a spot of theatre.

Then in Bristol

One of the great events occurring in Bristol for International Women’s Day is the Building Bridgesevent. Speaking with the event organiser, the event was described as differing from the others as it’s designed for women across Bristol to come together, no matter who or where they are:

‘This event collects women from across the city and provides a free crèche to ensure that women, whether they have children or wherever they may live, can still go and take part in these celebrations. International Women’s Day means to them a day when women come together to celebrate differences, highlight our success and achievements plus raise awareness of key issues affecting women in the city.

Our ‘Building Bridges’ event differs from others in that it has been designed for women from across Bristol to come together to celebrate Bristol women’s achievements and to make new connections across our communities and networks.’


‘Vlogging’ is becoming an increasingly popular way to raise awareness. What is a vlog? Basically, a ‘vlog’ is a blog but spoken and filmed. In other words, it’s a video log.

‘Vlogging’ can be a simple yet highly effective technique not only to support International Women’s Day, but as they’re so easy to share over various social media platforms, a vlog is a great way of engaging and involving people from all over the world on pretty much any topic.

We came across a brilliant vlog on YouTube called ‘#DearMe’, which includes popular YouTube stars discussing what they wish they could have told themselves as a youngster. It’s a pretty motivating watch and a very easy way for people across the world to take part.

Test the waters with social media…

Twitter is a great platform for causes to raise awareness. Popular trending topics are:

– #MakeItHappen
– #womensday
– #IWD2015
– #internationalwomensday
– #PaintItPurple


If you’re looking for simple ways to take part then wear or paint something purple. Maybe change the font on your email signature to purple? Or wear that purple scarf? Everything counts!

Visit the International Women’s Day website for even more creative ways to celebrate or to read up on the history behind this cause and raise awareness in your own way.

Share your ideas, images, thoughts and anything that inspires you with us on our Twitter or Facebook.

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