How to Design Your Perfect Log Cabin

Are you looking for some cabinspiration?

Many people believe that the inevitable approach of winter means that gardens suddenly become off-limits. While the sun loungers may be hidden away from your garden for the foreseeable future, it doesn’t mean you have to hide too.

Log Cabins are a great way to open up your garden year-round. Looking for a cosy garden retreat? An outdoor gym, office, or living room? A Log Cabin is a versatile option for excellent results!

Here are some ideas we love to turn your cabin into your castle:

A luxurious living room

BeFunky Collage

Want a home [not too far] away from home? A Log Cabin is a great way of adding another room to your house, without an extension! Think comfy sofas, fluffy rugs, candles, wall art… anything your heart desires. It’s a chance to really make the space your own!

Top tip: Use quality paints to decorate your cabin, so it can be beautiful inside and out. These paints not only look good, but provide excellent protection for your building. 


A garden office

procas interior

Inspiration can come from everywhere, and your garden is no exception. A Log Cabin makes a great home office! Creating a calm environment away from home is perfect for encouraging productivity.

Top tip: Check out our handy guide on how to get WiFi in a garden building.

Raise the bar on drinking at home


Where’s the best place to get a drink? Your bar! This customer turned their Amur Log Cabin into a functioning bar, complete with spirit pourers, stools and plenty of beverages. Going out can be expensive, so here’s to a few nights out, in! Cheers!

Top tip: Drink responsibly! 

Work out in style


There’s big money in gyms. 1 in 7 of us own a gym membership, and their profit depends on you not actually going. We know the excuses: you don’t have the time, your gym is too far, parking is a nightmare… well imagine working out, in comfort and privacy, from your own back garden! For around the price of an annual membership, or even less, you could kit out a log cabin to turn it into a fully functioning gymnasium.

Top tip: Budget conscious? Check out sites like eBay or Gumtree for cheap used gym equipment. Freecycle is a great place to bag a freebie, as long as you can pick up the item yourself.

Entertainment room


Are you a poker pro? Pool hustler? Gamer? A Log Cabin can become the ideal place to pursue hobbies where you won’t be disturbed! Combine the essentials with some related decor for your own personalised retreat.

Top tip: Turn a Log Cabin into a Man Cave or a She Shed as an incredible gift for a partner. 

Make use of outdoor space


Adding a deck to your cabin is a perfect way to bridge the gap between outdoors and indoors. Treat yourself to some crisp autumn air with a toasty hot chocolate and some fleecy blankets to snuggle up with. An outdoor heater is a perfect investment to see you through the colder winter nights.

Top tip: Autumn is a great time to stargaze – ideal to do from your deck! Check out BBC Universe for some top tips.

What’s better than your very own Log Cabin?

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