Learn as you grow – inspiring advice for new gardeners

If you’re new to gardening it can be really overwhelming, as there’s a fair bit to learn. We’ve asked a range of experts what advice they would give beginner gardeners, to offer you a helping hand.

We hope you find this post both inspiring and useful. Enjoy!

Learn what grows well in your garden. 


Dr. Deanna Berman, Certified Midwife & Naturopathic Doctor, offered some great advice; 

‘I’ve been gardening for many years. I would say some of the most important things to learn is what grows well where you live and what doesn’t. The weather patterns are changing and this does affect planting and harvesting times.’

So don’t be as disheartened if your plants aren’t growing as well as your friends’ are, it’s worth remembering that your garden may not be suitable for certain plants. The more you plant, the more you’ll get to know your garden.

Go outside and plant something you love. 


David Hughes, Farmer and Gardener, provided some really inspiring advice for beginners;

‘Go outside and plant something you love. Do enough research to be sure it’s appropriate for your area and then go do it. There is so much information out there that it’s easy to get bogged down with details.

Don’t worry about anything like soil tests or bugs or compost, just go plant something. The joy of gardening comes from the doing. Successes are sweeter and failures are challenges that can be overcome. ‘

Check the plant’s label to see how much sun it requires.


Different plants have different needs – some need a full eight hours of sunshine whereas others only require a few hours and can survive in shade.

Claire Watson, gardening expert from Wave, says;

‘Some plants need full sun (at least six hours a day), whereas others can handle shade.

Most plants have a tag that will include care instructions. Never put a mix of full sun and partial sun plants in the same container, as they have different needs.’

Just by simply checking the tag to see how to look after you plant could result in a much more positive result!

If you have pets, watch out for poisonous plants!


Desert Dave, grew up in the Appalachians in his family’s farming country and now a naturalist writer/photographer, discusses poisonous plants;

‘I have seen many of my friends plant very poisonous plants because they produce a pretty flower. Foxglove and Sacred datura are two good examples. They have gorgeous flowers, but are very dangerous to pets, and in the case of datura dangerous for humans who are downwind or handle any part of the plant.

This is why it is important to go to a garden shop for plants, accessories and advice. I have seen many poisonous plants in the backyards of friends who have pets and no idea that their beautiful Oleanders can poison their little pal.’

A good starting point is to grow some herbs. 

Growing herbs

If you’re a complete beginner at gardening and ‘growing-your-own’, then a good place to start could be to grow some herbs. They’re fairly easy, cheap and can be used in most recipes.

Rebecca Leecreator of RemediesForMe.com, offers her advice on growing herbs;

‘If you’re new to gardening, growing herbs is the way to go. Most herbs are easy to grow and are budget-friendly.

Growing organic vegetables is a lot cheaper than buying them from a market. It can also be a great project the entire family can work on together, while learning the importance of eating healthy.’

A little more inspiration…


Gardening is a really rewarding hobby for many reasons, we recently did a blog post on how gardening actually improves your mental health, so it’s much more than just good for your physical health.

Claire Watson, expert from Wave, says,

‘Don’t be afraid of gardening. The worst that could happen: your plant dies. Simply dig it out and replace with a new one! Thankfully, most flowers and plants aren’t an extremely costly addition to a home or outdoor space, so you can keep your space looking beautiful.’

You just need to get started and keep learning as you grow.

Are you a bit of an expert in gardening? Please leave advice in the comments below for beginner gardeners reading this post. Thanks!

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