Is it a bread roll, barmcake, bap or teacake? You decide.

Vox Pop on Baps.Photo by Steve Holt Newsquest Bolton Ltd, Tuesday January 21 2014.

Is it a bap; or is it a barmcake? Maybe a teacake; or a bread roll?

Become part of the biggest argument in the UK…

Whatever it’s called, it is no doubt the biggest instigator of many arguments at work, uni, school and even at home!

It’s not surprising really as apparently there are over 20 different variations to pick from! It’s no wonder people get so passionate and angry about this.

But why do people from different regions across the UK refer to this simple piece of bread as something different? We all seem to agree just fine with other pieces of food. Just not this one.

People get really frustrated about this and have no other option but to turn to Twitter to vent…

Screenshot 2016-04-21 14.36.24

Screenshot 2016-04-21 14.41.44

Why does the word ‘teacake’ have so many meanings…

Screenshot 2016-04-21 16.08.39

It even causes friction in relationships.

Screenshot 2016-04-21 16.10.40

The kind of gist of it…

Teacake – West Yorkshire

Cob – East Midlands

Barmcake – Lancashire

Bap – Parts of England and Wales.

Muffin – Oldham

Bun – Certain parts of the North

Stotty – Scotland

Roll – South

Bin Lid – Liverpool

Where do all these different names come from?

These terms simply originate from different bakers across the country who labelled their breads depending on how it was made. Then, over time, people just stuck with these names even if they are technically wrong.

Which do you think it is?

Let us know on our poll below or over Twitter and Facebook.

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