International Tiger Day!

International Tiger Day is a celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation, held annually on 29 July.

To show our support towards this cause, we interviewed Vicky Flynn from The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation & TigerTime. Our aim is to raise awareness and show how easy it can be to support this cause today!

Interview with Vicky Flynn from The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation & TigerTime. 

Q1) What does DSWF do?

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) works to protect endangered mammals across Africa and Asia.


  • We fund park protection and anti-poaching programmes to protect wildlife in its natural habitat;
  • Support undercover investigation work into criminal networks that traffic wildlife;
  • Work with communities to find long-term, sustainable solutions to conservation issues including alternative livelihood schemes and education programmes to nurture tomorrow’s conservationists.

We also campaign to end the ivory trade and, through our TigerTime campaign, seek to bring an end to the trade in tigers.

Q2) What is the history behind this charity?

DSWF was founded in 1984 by wildlife artist and conservationist David Shepherd CBE.

David has always been deeply passionate about the wildlife that helped make him successful as an artist and, determined to give something back, he set up the Foundation to support the animals he loves.

Sketch for the tiger

Art remains at the heart of what we do and forms the backbone of our fundraising and events with many supporting artists donating their work to support DSWF.

Q3) What are your main aims for the upcoming years?

2016 is a critical year for elephants, rhino and tigers and other endangered species as the international CITES meeting in South Africa this autumn will determine the future of many key species.

International Tiger Day

DSWF will be attending calling for a total and lasting ban on the trade in ivory and demanding clear information and reporting on the trade of wild tigers and the impact of captive breeding on wild populations.

We will continue our call for an end to tiger farming.

Q4) What projects do you fund?

Our work supports:

  • Black rhino in Namibia;
  • Lions and elephants in Uganda;
  • Painted dogs in Zimbabwe;
  • Elephants and pangolins in Zambia;
  • Tigers in Thailand, India and Russia;
  • Indian rhino in Assam;
  • Snow leopards in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan;
  • Undercover investigations throughout Asia;
  • Demand reduction for the use of rhino horn in Vietnam;
  • Emergency wildlife response throughout India and conservation education awareness in the UK.


Q5) How can people get involved and support this cause?

There are many ways that people can support the work of DSWF.

International Tiger Day

You can donate, become a friend of the Foundation, leave a legacy, adopt an endangered species, attend an event, sign up to our ban tiger trade campaign or buy art.

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