4 great ideas for giving to charity

Christmas is just around the corner so we’ve come up with four great ideas on how you can give to charity around the festive period and for the rest of the year!

Give food to your local Foodbank

Image Credits: Trusselltrust.org
Image Credits: Trusselltrust.org

A great way to get people involved in giving to charity at the office or at home is to ask everyone to collect non-perishables and then bring them into work. You can then start a food collection with a cut-off point date on when you will drop off the donated food to your local Foodbank.

This is a simple way to give to charity and yet get the whole office or family involved.

Trussell Trust foodbanks offer a wonderful service as they provide a minimum of three days emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK.

How does this work? Schools, churches , businesses and individuals donate non-perishable food to the Foodbank. Food is then sorted, boxed and distributed to those in need.

If you’re searching for your local Foobank then you can find out simply on their website here.


Image Credits: Crisis.org
Image Credits: Crisis.org

Volunteering is a proactive way to give to charity and as many shelters tend to get busier over the colder months the need for more volunteers does increase.

In your local area there will be a range of ways that you can volunteer for charity!

But some of the most well-known charities offering volunteer work are Crisis, who have centres in Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, London and Newcastle!

Also, Do-it have a huge database filled with some fantastic volunteering opportunities as well. So why not take a look here and see if there are any near you?

There could also be volunteering opportunities at your local schools, charities, supermarkets and maybe even at your workplace, so there are literally hundreds of different volunteering possibilities!

Buy gifts

Image Credits: Oxfam.org.uk
Image Credits: Oxfam.org.uk

A great way to give to charity and to others over the festive period is to give gifts which are bought from charities.

Oxfam have a fantastic range of unique gift ideas, many of which are fair-trade and handmade, suitable for all ages!

Oxfam helps support people living in poverty, so as well as bringing a smile to the faces of your friends and family, Oxfam gifts also spread plenty of smiles throughout the world.

The charity also sells stunning Christmas cards, so a lovely and cost-efficient way to help people in need could be to buy your cards from an Oxfam shop or the Oxfam Online Shop.

Give clothes

Image Credits: Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

Recently, we teamed up with Charity Retail Association on finding new ways that people can donate clothes to charity.

We think it’s a great idea if people use their garden sheds and outdoor storage buildings as a store point to collect unwanted clothes.

Using ‘Santa Sacks’ to store the unwanted clothes and then asking family, friends and neighbours to drop off clothes at your garden shed, this could quickly become a really fun way to get children involved in giving to charity and maybe even start a new Christmas tradition?

You could then eventually donate the clothes a few days before Christmas to really get into the spirit of giving!

Charity Retail make this super easy as their website offers tons of information on how to do this and their store locator helps you find a store close to you!

For more advice and information on charities and charity events head over to the Charity Choice website here. 

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