Give your shed some love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so why not use this weekend as the perfect excuse to give your garden shed a new look!

Treat your shed right

It’s important that you apply treatment to your shed at least once a year.

Why? Treatment will keep your shed strong and will protect it from all the elements. If you want your garden shed to last as long as possible then we would advise that you treat your shed as much as possible.

View the Tigercare Preserver to to make sure your shed is treated right this Valentine’s Day!

Tigercare Presever

Brighten up your shed

Valentine’s Day is all about making someone’s day a little bit brighter. So why not give your shed a lick of fresh paint or maybe a completely new look?

On the Tiger Sheds website we offer a great range of Cuprinol Garden Shades which gives a beautiful and long lasting colour!

CuprinolGardenShades1 Edited

Secure your relationship

This special day can also be the perfect time to make your shed feel secure.

Most people tend to store gardening equipment, tools, bikes and generally expensive items inside their garden sheds so we appreciate the importance of your garden building being secure and safe away from potential theft.

If you feel concerned about the safety of your garden shed then view our extensive selection of security products here and secure your relationship!

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