Five Garden Resolutions for the New Year

As it is just the beginning of a New Year it may be too soon to actually get in the garden right now, but there’s nothing to stop you planning ahead and preparing for the up-coming seasons. It may be time to have a change in your gardening routine as well, so here are five New Year Resolutions you could try out this year.

Plant Native

Plants from your native region find it much easier to adapt to harsh weather conditions, and with the recent history of dramatic weather experienced in the UK this is a major plus point. Native plants also help to sustain local wildlife by attracting local insects that pollinate wild plants as well as the flowers in your garden.

2.       Organise your Shed

Even if you cannot actually do any gardening in the winter months there’s nothing to stop you preparing for Spring and organising your shed. Throw away any unwanted items and store larger items, like bicycles and lawnmowers, in an easily accessible place with no obstacles in the way. Create a tool rack by nailing a piece of wood to the shed wall with other nails sticking out of it. This is a very cheap and easy way to tidy up the shed that shouldn’t take long at all and will make storing your tools far more efficient.

3.       Replace your Bark Mulch

      Although bark mulch is cheap and easy to install it needs replacing every year or two, by using rock mulch you will not have to replace the mulch as often saving money in the long run. The larger sizes of rock mulch also make it easier to blow away any leaves or debris you don’t want in your beds.

4.       Composting

Compost bins don’t require a lot of space and they can be picked up from any garden centre or online. By turning your garden waste, leaves, and kitchen scraps into compost you are creating a free source of nutrient rich fertiliser for your plants. Not only are you creating vital food for your plants though you are also reducing the amount of recyclable household waste you dispose of, so composting is not only good for your plants it’s great for the environment.

5.       Sustainable Gardening

      Try and add at least one new method of sustainable gardening into your routine. Using at least one sustainable gardening technique will not only reduce the negative affects you may be having on the environment, but it will probably also improve the quality of your soil. There are numerous methods of employing sustainable gardening techniques; such as excluding chemical fertilisers, or installing rain barrels to catch water from your roof that would otherwise be lost to runoff and diverted to streams and drains.


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