Feeling Inspired By The Shed Of The Year Competition?

A garden shed doesn’t just have to be used for gardening; it can be your own private area of serenity, your little home from home and your ticket out of doing housework. I’d like to explore the standard conventional uses of garden sheds and the wilder more creative sides to this wooden house of fun!

Who says sheds are simply for storage of garden equipment?

Well not Reg Miller, thats for sure. He was voted to have “The Best Shed 2010” – which is really something when he was competing against some really esoteric and crazy designs.

And it’s not just Reg getting involved. People all over the country are having a go and attempting to “Pimp” their shed to really get the most out of it. More recently we’ve seen John Earl – aptly dubbed ‘Shed Zeppelin’ – win the 2011 competition with his World War One billet: where he features live bands and films them for his website ‘Songs From The Shed’. John even boasts that he’s had a “26 strong gospel choir” play his renowned shed!

Picture from The Independent.

Even if you’re not into “Pimping up” your garden shed like Reg or any of the other competitors, you don’t have to conform to the standard conventional method of having to “use the garden shed for garden related issues”. There are many other uses for your lumber dream house. For example: Alan Cook in Market Harborough (UK) has created a really modern and hi-tech shed; Sky HD Television, Games console, Fridge, Lazeeboy Chair, Broadband and now a mini gym are just some of the kit he is packing in his tidy timber hut. He claims his wife was against it at first – but when she realised that she had the run of the house for cleaning etc, she loved the fact that he wasn’t under her feet!

If your needs aren’t satisfied by this, then look toward possibly the family incorporating use of the garden shed, possibly a “play time” area for younger children, or even a homework area for teens revising for their exams. However, not everyone has children – so how about a miniature pub or a miniature library? Get some mates round or kick back with quiet novel.

At the end of the day: it’s your shed, it’s your choice!

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